What Your Bar Cart May Be Missing – Chic Addition on a Budget

Oh the beloved Bar Cart trend!! I had been waiting to pull the trigger on this bad boy for awhile and then something magical happened, Columbus got an Ikea. Is that truly amazing or truly destructive? To be determined.

Here is the second issue I ran into when determining my investment into a Bar Cart….. I already have a wine table in my kitchen… and a separate liquor shelf…… What the hell would I put on this Bar Cart?? My second love to wine, coffee. I love all things french press, keeto, bulletproof, etc. A shopping trip was definitely in order!!!

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Fall Wear & State of Mind

Everyone loves “fall”. Even people who don’t experience an Ohio Fall (shout out to all of my friends in Florida and Texas who have no idea about the overwhelmingly perfect crispness in Ohio fall air). So it’s officially here, marked by yesterday being October 3rd, every Mean Girl’s indicator to get their fall on. I have also linked up my favorite pair of fall colored pants (in two colors because they are that magical) and my two year running blanket scarf for every occasion– that is also under $10. 

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Operation Glowy Skin – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I have been obsessing over having glowy skin for OH, IDK FOREVER. Everywhere you read about nice skin, its like a broken record about hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Well. I hate hydrating. I hate having to pee every five minutes and HATE being cold from all my water consumption. But, it’s time to put my excuses aside and buck up for glowy skin that shines from the inside out. Here is how I am ACTUALLY getting it done.

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The Friday Fix #3

How did this Friday get here so quickly… rhetorically of course, I know exactly where it went and it has been a good one filled up with as many outdoor activities before we enter the dark arctic tundra of winter…. I luckily got to sit out one winter last year being in Houston, but oh boy are we back!! && I am going to be shook. I digress, here are some things I have been loving or been asked about and feel the need to share with all of you lovelies!


  1. Car Oil Diffuser 

My mom surprised me last weekend with this little gem and I {and all my friends despite their unwillingness to admit it} am obsessed with it. Never on an insta-story have I gotten so many replies-haha! So I am sharing it with all of you. I put in three drops of either tea tree oil or eucalyptus and fill the rest with water. Lets not get it twisted, I am still a psychotic driver but this little guy at least lets me pretend to be calm and at peace with my chaos.

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THE Daily Detox Drink

This is the magical potion of life that smells and look the magical poison of life. No lie, it smells and somewhat tastes like it is meant to kill a grown grizzly bear. The cosmic orange appearance is a clear indicator of all the fun that is about to be had in every sip. The weirdest part of all? I crave it everyday, and I am not alone.

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Baby Shower Takes Wine Diaper Tower

My office was plagued, pardon me- “blessed” by pregnancy. Out of the three full time staff women, two were pregnant.. YIKES whose the sorry bastard that was left with no baby bump- yes, thats me, and lets just say I avoided drinking the water in the building for months.

Back to the blessings- Our office is going to be blessed with two MORE boys (an addition to the other 140 in the office). Naturally we wanted to torture these two mama’s with a nice an awkward work baby shower (can you feel the blessings continue here???)

I normally work hard and drink hard with these two mommy to be’s, so I let the personality and friendship shine through the gifts.

A  natural place to start was a place where we always start: a liter of wine. On here, I customized my own label “knocked up no more” just for a touch of class and good taste.

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The Nordstrom Sale is Over: 4 Staples Still Worth Full Price

It is only right to end this month the way we began it. The Nordstrom Sale. For the full two weeks of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, #NSale is about all that came up on my feed. Every “Like it to Know it” blogger in America had their best #NSale items linked up and ready to roll and I carefully strategized what I was going to buy for days (yes, I had to wait until it opened to the general public because I am not Nordstrom Royalty, yet.) After weekly scheming and a few returns here are the glam finds that made permanent places in my wardrobe AND that are worth their current full price (I had three things I bought that did NOT make this “full price” post. Cause they aren’t. Just being honest.)

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A Weekend in the (Colum)Bus

We are officially in the “Fest” Season in Columbus!! We have the Greek Festival, Bacon Festival, Fall Festival, etc., etc. you get the picture. So much magic on the horizon.  What a time to be alive. The complete list of the upcoming festivals can be found here. This past weekend was one of my favorite Festival’s— The Food Truck Festival- need I say more? Well don’t worry, I will.

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The Friday Fix #2

Rise and Shine, its Friday. I need this one more than usual- reason being? No explanation, but here I am. I have a pretty fun weekend planned around Columbus with one of my best friends coming to visit and bae still being in town. But before I get after it, enjoy some Friday goodness that has gotten me through the week, SPLASH:


  1. Cold Brew Latte Pops

Wowza, these are amazing. Way better than carrying my cup of 100 degree coffee to my car, that when I arrive is then 120 dayum degrees. (I have a small commute to and from my car #citylivin). I get these tasty treats at Trader Joe’s whenever I am patient enough to make the commute. I LOVE YOU GUYS

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