Complete Gift Guide #2 : JORD Wooden Watch

It is December so it is time for another COMPLETE gift idea (complete with a 25% off discount code). This week, Watches! For your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, baby daddy, uncle, WHATEVER you have- alike. Now, lets address the wives’ tales that comes with watches right off the bat for kicks and gigs. I have heard two. The first, which we are going to choose to ignore, is that if you buy your significant other a watch, prepare to WATCH them walk away.. IGNORE. or I guess, you could buy it for someone you want to break up with after the holidays??? I DONT KNOW and I am going to leave it at that.  The second wives tale being that it is the last gift you get for someone before you get engaged… PLOT TWIST, talk about a turn of events here. So. you pick the one you want to believe. Or follow my own personal tale that giving a watch is a nice way to treat someone to luxury because you want to be the cool friend. Again, your choice.

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The Complete Gift: Inspo #1

My first totally awesome and more importantly, totally steal-able COMPLETE gift idea.

My favorite gifts are the ones from someone that has fully thought it  through and come with everything you need. There was nothing worse as a kid than getting a sick new toy and having no batteries for it- you feel me? Same Idea.

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Christmas Decor for the Small City Apartment & Weston’s First Christmas

Happy November lovelies! The start of great cheer and early Holiday celebrators. To a flaw I have always been a passerby to the Holidays, they don’t start until a few days before they happen (most likely for the reasons I told y’all about in my first Holiday post here, Football leaves no room for the Holidays). And that is just not going to be the case this year.

A lot of my friends just had their first baby or just got engaged and are having their “First Christmas with” or “Baby’s First Christmas”. Well I don’t have any kids, and no one will let me get a dog, but I do have a WESTON (my roommate) and I have decided that this Christmas is going to be themed in our apartment as WESTON’S FIRST CHRISTMAS! **A little disclaimer here, Weston is a 25 year old male, more mature than me, nicer than me, AND TOTALLY going to be annoyed that I am calling this his first Christmas–making it all the sweeter**

I am doing it. I am going all in on Christmas decor this year. and by  all in I have a pretty tight budget for it but FUCK IT. (messed up to curse in a Christmas post??? Too far??? Hope so)

So, in honor of Weston’s First Christmas, we are getting FESTIVE, and by God we are doing it too early.

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Holiday Season Upon Us + Basic Invite (For a Basic Girl)

In the football industry, we ignore a lot of holidays – straight up pretend they do not exist. One of them that we skip (in addition to Christmas, New Years, Halloween, Easter, etc.) is my all time favorite, Thanksgiving. Yep. The two holidays we DO get off?? Try to guess them. No guess since I ruled them all out?? I’ll tell you – Memorial Day Weekend and Fourth of July.  The two best holidays of the year for me personally. HOWEVER, I have moved past the days of complaining, and into the days of obsessive over-planning. I too can have a Thanksgiving and feel thankful if I plan it that way. In college I hosted one of the best Friendsgiving’s of all time. We had our, less than beautiful, five tables pushed together in our 1950’s campus home that spread from the dining room into the kitchen lined on both sides with all of our dearest girl friends. It is a memory that I will hold forever dear (in addition to beating Michigan for the fourth time in a row a few days later). So that being said I am bringing it back. Friendsgiving on the Tuesday before most people go home for the Wednesday to get their official drink on.

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Sweater Weather Look + Drafting Chicago Girl’s Weekend

It’s the Bye Week!!! In college football employee terms that loosely translates to THE BEST WEEK OF THE SEASON. No game on Saturday = an entire weekend to live and breathe as a human being. Given this incredibly glorious information, what does that mean for me? What it means every year…. Girl’s Trip. Packed up the bags, threw on my new fall outfit, and we are off!

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Take Back Time – 4 Productivity Hacks You Need to Thrive

I feel like I am damn near a quarter life crisis {makes sense because I am 25 in March} and on the cusp of something that leaves me half awake all through the night, could be greatness, could be paranoia. Whatever it is,  I cannot seem to get my brain to turn off. What should I be doing, whats the plan for the week, how will I fit this in–blah blah blah blah.  I work a full time job {8-5p, Mon-Sat}, love this crazy and totally time consuming blog, and try to maintain fit chick/fun chick/health chick, etc life—Everyday battles that I think we all find ourselves in.  I wonder sometimes how my mom ever got anything done with all these things AND a kid {God bless her}. Until Hot Tub Time Machine becomes a reality, I couldn’t figure out a way to CREATE more time BUT there were certainly areas that I could take BACK time within my everyday routine. Here is what I have found helpful so far.

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What Your Bar Cart May Be Missing – Chic Addition on a Budget

Oh the beloved Bar Cart trend!! I had been waiting to pull the trigger on this bad boy for awhile and then something magical happened, Columbus got an Ikea. Is that truly amazing or truly destructive? To be determined.

Here is the second issue I ran into when determining my investment into a Bar Cart….. I already have a wine table in my kitchen… and a separate liquor shelf…… What the hell would I put on this Bar Cart?? My second love to wine, coffee. I love all things french press, keeto, bulletproof, etc. A shopping trip was definitely in order!!!

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Fall Wear & State of Mind

Everyone loves “fall”. Even people who don’t experience an Ohio Fall (shout out to all of my friends in Florida and Texas who have no idea about the overwhelmingly perfect crispness in Ohio fall air). So it’s officially here, marked by yesterday being October 3rd, every Mean Girl’s indicator to get their fall on. I have also linked up my favorite pair of fall colored pants (in two colors because they are that magical) and my two year running blanket scarf for every occasion– that is also under $10. 

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Operation Glowy Skin – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I have been obsessing over having glowy skin for OH, IDK FOREVER. Everywhere you read about nice skin, its like a broken record about hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Well. I hate hydrating. I hate having to pee every five minutes and HATE being cold from all my water consumption. But, it’s time to put my excuses aside and buck up for glowy skin that shines from the inside out. Here is how I am ACTUALLY getting it done.

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