Complete Gift Guide #2 : JORD Wooden Watch

It is December so it is time for another COMPLETE gift idea (complete with a 25% off discount code). This week, Watches! For your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, baby daddy, uncle, WHATEVER you have- alike. Now, lets address the wives’ tales that comes with watches right off the bat for kicks and gigs. I have heard two. The first, which we are going to choose to ignore, is that if you buy your significant other a watch, prepare to WATCH them walk away.. IGNORE. or I guess, you could buy it for someone you want to break up with after the holidays??? I DONT KNOW and I am going to leave it at that.  The second wives tale being that it is the last gift you get for someone before you get engaged… PLOT TWIST, talk about a turn of events here. So. you pick the one you want to believe. Or follow my own personal tale that giving a watch is a nice way to treat someone to luxury because you want to be the cool friend. Again, your choice.

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The Christmas Decor Reveal – Weston’s First Christmas part 2

The most anticipated post in all of Pursuing Posh’s history, a follow up from the most popping post of all time.. How sad. The only person happy about this is Weston and all of his fans. Just kidding, I am hyped. And now that I don’t have to fight off all of the Thanksgiving activists, I can FINALLY share the adventures so far of Weston’s first Christmas!!!

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The Complete Gift: Inspo #1

My first totally awesome and more importantly, totally steal-able COMPLETE gift idea.

My favorite gifts are the ones from someone that has fully thought it  through and come with everything you need. There was nothing worse as a kid than getting a sick new toy and having no batteries for it- you feel me? Same Idea.

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Christmas Decor for the Small City Apartment & Weston’s First Christmas

Happy November lovelies! The start of great cheer and early Holiday celebrators. To a flaw I have always been a passerby to the Holidays, they don’t start until a few days before they happen (most likely for the reasons I told y’all about in my first Holiday post here, Football leaves no room for the Holidays). And that is just not going to be the case this year.

A lot of my friends just had their first baby or just got engaged and are having their “First Christmas with” or “Baby’s First Christmas”. Well I don’t have any kids, and no one will let me get a dog, but I do have a WESTON (my roommate) and I have decided that this Christmas is going to be themed in our apartment as WESTON’S FIRST CHRISTMAS! **A little disclaimer here, Weston is a 25 year old male, more mature than me, nicer than me, AND TOTALLY going to be annoyed that I am calling this his first Christmas–making it all the sweeter**

I am doing it. I am going all in on Christmas decor this year. and by  all in I have a pretty tight budget for it but FUCK IT. (messed up to curse in a Christmas post??? Too far??? Hope so)

So, in honor of Weston’s First Christmas, we are getting FESTIVE, and by God we are doing it too early.

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