Hey fam!

My name is Tori and I am so excited that you have some way or another found your way to my page- I think you will like it here, but I did write it so I may be a bit bias. I am a full-time College Football Fan and employee (how lucky am I?) and a part time everything else that I can get my hands on. I love a good trip to just about anywhere and lets be honest, I travel mostly for the food that I will find when I get there. That being said, Pursuing Posh exists as a creative outlet for my restless mind/soul and as a little entertainment for y’all. Keep in mind that we are on the pursuit together, meaning I am definitely not there yet-its a process here people. I am a Jack of many trades but not quite a master to any yet, so I am excited to learn more about….uh, mostly just “life”…. with you and force you to go on all of  my adventures with me- “Adventures” ranging from a nail salon visit to an impromptu trip to Norway. Eeek

There is an unwritten (and now actually very written) warning for dry and somewhat crude humor around here, proceed with caution, it’s never too late to give me the stiff unfollow/casual block. Just kidding, its not that bad, but all of my content will be straight out of my own, at times somewhat unrefined mouth and  very real- meaning the filter has GOT to go, too much fun to be had without it.