Whole 30 Week 1 Recap – Sensory System Specifics: Sights, Sounds, & Salivation

Week one in the books for me and I wasn’t sure exactly how to feel about it. Some generalizations before I dive in more in depth: I still dont have a six pack, I cook for hours on end, I wake up BEFORE my alarm every.single.morning (is this how the better half lives??), and I really only cried a few times (something to be proud of around here!). I had no idea I would fall in love with my kitchen all over again, and had no idea how much bad shit there was in food I ate everyday. If anything, it only took a week for what feels like an entirely knew awareness on nutrition education.

I showed you all on Friday what my MVP recipe for the week was and its on the grocery list for this week too because its so damn easy and tastes amazing–if its not broke,, don’t fix it! You can now find my week one grocery list in my first post here for those of you joining us (most excitedly of mention– my mom!!) I spent close to $200 on my first grocery shopping trip because I needed so many NEW essentials that I hadn’t owned before, but I am of full confidence that this next weeks trip to the grocery store will be a little lighter on the pocket book now that the essentials (like oils, salad dressings, mayo, ghee, etc.) have been put in place. I pictured some of my favorites, but for my ABSOLUTE favorite recipe of this past week will be up Saturday for this weeks MVP. Now, lets dive on in.

The daily lunch packing with snacks (cashews, grapes, plantain chips & guacamole) and of course a la croix

The Thoughts-

Day #1 – All of my food was tasty and I was happy to eat it after all the hard work I put into it. I craved a chocolate bar or anything sweet….. DAY FREAKIN 1, classic right. I drank lemon and hot water before bed to convince myself it was wine. I have a ton of fruit I could have turned to but I have never been a HUGE fan of fruit for whatever reason. I took a one hour nap because I am a little sick, which normally would have been a three hour comatose nap but my hunger woke me right up!

Fried Cauliflower Rice for the win

Day #2 – Woke up before my alarm. well thats new!! Same bedtime routine of Gossip Girl (I am on Season 6 and quite literally terrified of life AFTER Gossip Girl.. Do I just lose my whole friend group? Does this happen to anyone else or am I an over-clinger?? My friend groups of years past have been Harry Potter, Grey’s Anatomy, and Shameless. Not sure what to do. I DIGRESS) I was hungry AF again when I woke up and ate three eggs–I wouldn’t call it hangry at this point, just exceptionally hungry. Craved dessert again so I had a few raspberries, not satisfying–the day ended full and happy though!

Day #3 – Emotional and sick day. Cried twice at work before 9am but the Whole30 cannot be blamed for that however, I promised you all every detail. I successfully found a snack pattern that works for me and am very in tune with when my body is hungry.

Hard boiled eggs for breakfast with Franks Hot Sauce

Day #4 – Broke down today and had my first LARABAR. I was really trying to hold out until I really needed a quick crutch, lasted all of four days. I am so grateful for them, basically the closest thing to a dessert, blowing regular fruit right out of the water. There is something about them feeling dense like cake that makes them something to look forward to.

Day #5 – Feel not AS hungry today but I am also extremely busy at work so it may be stress. I had to pack all three of my meals and two snack because I will be at work late and surrounded by catering– this proved to be a pretty hard task but doable since I had stuff on hand. There were meatballs everywhere but held strong–to that I am not sure who to thank but God.

My meal prepped salmon and spinach salads

Day #6 -Today was gucci, I prepped mad meals since I would be around catering all day again. I did however convince two of the caterers to bring me a Whole30 friendly meal since I am the one who pays the bills and books the food. To say I felt like a diva is an understatement but what has to be done has to be done I suppose. Overbearing and high maintenance day for the W.

Day #7 – I had to be extremely needy in public today and grill my waitress at family breakfast on what exactly was in everything and what it was cooked in and I gave up mid way through and ordered a fruit cup out of pure fear of mis-eating and having to start all over. I hadn’t had coffee yet so my brain took this conceding as an overall victory. Went to work and had the food team make me three eggs not cooked in oil because they only had bad kinds…. turns out eggs stick to pans and it was a mess, but I didn’t break so we will call this another victory. Today would be another meal prep day but I have enough food to last me till tomorrow so we are going to wait until then.


Alright, Talk Soon!

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