The Whole30 Challenge- The Calm Before the Storm

Oh LA LA LA, another fad diet.

Nope. This is the ultimate reset- without any starvation juices, cabbage soups, or any other nonsense that  I would quit in 12 hours.

Why am I doing the Whole30? Well, because everyone is of course. I saw one of my favorite bloggers Olivia Rink start her Whole30 Challenge after I had been contemplating the idea for a bit myself, and thought, hmm this has to be my sign that its time for the reset I have been putting off.

The real reasons I am going in for 30 days of sobriety, no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no added sugar (have I lost you yet?), no carrageenans/MSGS/sulfites, and no baked goods?? (rest of the rules here)

The goals:

  1. Ditching the unhealthy weight. Parts of my body are the definition of “skinny fat” and I have unhealthy weight in places I dont want it. So i want to flush my whole system to ditch the toxins and pray the fat that goes with it. We shall surely see if abs are made in the kitchen like they say
  2. Feel better. I have been exhausted. I am tired. I am lethargic. The winter has me zapped and wiped out. I am testing to see if it is truly true that what you put in your body will truly show in what it puts out.
  3. Headaches. I get them all the time. and when Olivia Rink wrote about them in her post, it had me sold. (I really only take advice from my office mate Amy and my favorite bloggers, lol) So I am going to see if they can be kicked in the ass
  4. Moody AF. I mean really, I am a ball of hormones that just cant be tamed. I will be enjoying a meatball sub and then five seconds later announce to my peers that if i explode into tears to just ignore me because nothing is wrong. I mean what the fuck. So, food, you have a lot of work to do
  5. Clear my skin up. Just make me beautiful healthy food gods.
  6. Legit, everyone is doing it, tried it, or talking about it. Being the dedicated blogger i am to you peoples, I will take it upon myself to be the sacrificial lamb for you not bold enough yet to try it. Got you fam.

Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Losing a parent is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard. You’ve done harder things than this, and you have no excuse not to complete the program as written. It’s only thirty days, and it’s for the most important health cause on earth—the only physical body you will ever have in this lifetime. – Whole30 Founders

So lets do it. Whats the plan? I am heavily planning the meal because I think that prep is the key. I have temptations around me at work 24/7 so I need snacks on deck and meals ready to roll for work when Chick-Fil-A magically shows up at my office like it always does. I wont be turning that down day 15 with a pile of squash, so, I must plan. I know myself.

I will be keeping you up to date wit the grocery lists, meal prep, emotions, and surely more emotions of the 30 days. I am a week out so that I can make sure everything is planned as well as I can before I get going. You can find all of my grocery lists here on my Facebook Page. Like and follow the page so you dont miss a single one!

My First Steps:

1. Hide/Get rid of/ Giveaway ALLL the bad stuff. I trust myself just the right amount which is near no trust at all when I am hangry. So the to the trash it must go.

2.Find a buddy. I already have an accountability partner and my roommate is doing it with me. If you missed Weston’s First Christmas dont worry, you are just in time for Weston’s first Whole30.

3.Make a Pinterest Board with all of the recipes I love (below for you to follow too) so I can make grocery lists easily

4. Follow a bunch of Whole30 Instagram Accounts

5. Stock up on Whole30 staples like Avocado Oil, Mayo, salad dressing, compliant creamer, etc.

6. Up my meal prep supplies like containers and baggies.

7. Ask YOU to join me!

OH! And of course my last meal before I started, Chipotle—duh


Do you have any clean eating recipe or tricks to share? Join my Facebook page to talk all that is Whole30!

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