The Grammys: 2017 Christmas Awards

The amount to which I care about award shows is an all time zero.. minus the drinking games, I can get down with those BUT, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to piggy back off the season and make my own Grammys. The Grammys for the best presents I received in 2017 and that have safely kept themselves out of the re-gifting suite of 2018. Drum Roll Please.


Away Suitecase

I would like to thank the Academy, and by the Academy I mean the Cotton Bowl. This was my favorite bowl gift that we got this season, a charging compact traveling machine (I literally always have a dead phone while I travel, because why wouldn’t I think ahead and IDK CHARGE MY PHONE?). This suitcase thought of just about everything even outside of a portable charger— like lock pad bag zippers, attached laundry bag, and dividers for ultimate organization. Taking this baby straight to Florida with me after I charge it up!

Goomee Hair Tie

This Academy thank you goes to my junior high cousin who helps keep me young. She told me to get them for her sister who I had in our family gift exchange so I naturally bought myself a matching set, or two. These hair ties have been a new found saving grace for the longevity and volume of my high & tight ponies (minus the headaches too which are chronic for me with my hair up). They come in an array of colors and much like my wardrobe i only like the ones with lack of color, the clear and blush work perfectly for all the blondes out there.


Photo Printer : HP Sprocket

If I even mention the word “Academy” here in association with a “Thank you”  my boyfriend will have my ass, he was so proud of this gift. So eff the Academy, thanks babe. This gift has lended to be a bloggers best friend because I can print photos right off my phone over bluetooth, all at the size of a wallet. Each of the pictures can turn into a sticker too, so little does he know there will be newly posted photos of me all around his home. Thanks sugar, you crushed it.

Hello Gorgeous Mug

This Academy star came from my little sister who gets me a Christmas mug every year so if you read another post next year, this gift will forever be included because I’m extremely biased to the baby girl and its my favorite and most anticipated gift every year. This was this years model, she said it was totally “Tumblr Betch” and I think she was right. Over-sized and complimentary mugs for the win.

Lash Boost

The “Mom Academy” always knows best- and this year she crushed it with the Rodan Field’s Lash Boost. My eyelashes are the type that stick straight out for the whole .1 centimeters long that they are, so this was my moms friendly way of telling me it was time to become prettier. I refused to hop on board with the Latisse craze because I was terrified my eyes would turn black, but not to fear with this one, no prescription required and no changing eyeballs. I have been using it for a whole two weeks now and see absolutely zero progress, BUT it says results start showing in six weeks so I will keep you all posted. Or maybe you will notice if I turn into a hard ten. Time will tell.

That concludes 2017 Award Show of this Christmas Season, and we can safely move forward to the more appropriate season upon us which is very clearly the “Is it Spring Time” awards. If you actually care about the Award Shows and are looking for a drinking game and Bellini recipe– my blogging bff Champagne Whiskers has you covered here. Glad one of us understand “Pop Culture”, because I surely don’t.

Alright, Talk Soon!

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