5 Unkept Places of 2017 to Purge for 2018

No, I am not done talking about the New Year–may be my last post about it, it may not. #commitmentissues

Nothing says fresh like a nice casual purge. I made a list of the four places I needed to purge out for 2018 to feel as fresh as I wanted it to. I am again, like my last post, going to embarrass myself. I told you what a loser I was last post, and now I am going to show you the very worst and most unkept places of my personal 2017. This is truly exposure. LOL. Allow me to be the terrible motivation you need.

5 Unkept Places of 2017 to Purge for 2018

1. Your Tupperware Cabinet

There is nothing like a 16 hour investigation to find a matching lid to a corresponding container, especially when you have already full blown committed to a container now holding your leftovers. Yup, mine was a mess and it got worse and worse all year round. Also doesnt help that I regularly just throw containers away if I think the food is too old and I dont want to deal with it. I am cleaning this biatch out and getting it organized.

2. Your hate follows on social media

If you pretend you don’t have these, girl you a lie. We all have the people we follow merely to hate their existence or to envy worship on social media. These just leave us feeling bad, feeling less, or feeling angry. Get rid of them. If you still dont think you are the hate follow type, let me point out that these are the people that you: read their captions out loud to your friends in disgust, share in private messages to secretly bash, or make subtweets or subcomments about. Facebook has a lovely feature that allows you to “unfollow” someone, but remain friends with them– no hurt feelings and no bad feelings. Instagram and Twitter are a little more straightforward and require you to make a choice, but I am certain that an unfollow would feel better than an unofficial hate club. Mental health at the forefront of this 2018.

3. Your Junk Drawer

Do people still have these?? Maybe organized people don’t. I found 8 pairs of scissors, a pack of streamers from my backdrop, 2 million pens, a glade refill, utility bills from Houston, TX, every owners manual to any electronic I have ever purchased, and pieces of grill charcoal (???) in mine. PURGE.. I made a friendly donation to my office for all the misc supplies that seemed a bit excessive and threw the charcoal into my succulent pots to keep them fresh (tidbit I learned from the ole Pinterest machine), and called it a day. I am sorry to startle you with these photos, have your grandmother pray for me.

4. Your Closet

Last and certainly least, the closet. My friend Stacie told me about a minimalist lifestyle that she was trying to follow with one of the ideas being that if you walked into your closet you should be able to wear the first thing your hand touches, meaning you only kept clothes that you will actually wear. If that were the case for me, my circa 2002 Hollister polos would still be in the running for my daily work attire. Although, I personally would love it, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I AM KEEPING THEM–they are making a comeback NO time soon (regardless of the fact that Abercrombie is making some sort of comeback). So the purge begins. I joke you not, I filled 4 trash bags filled to the brim with clothes. They are headed for Plato’s closet and Clothes Mentor to get the whole six satisfying dollars that they will give me for all of them and then straight to Goodwill with the remainder. There is actually nothing more satisfying.

5. Your Make-Up Bag

With my temporary Ipsy membership, my make up bag has gotten out of control, tacked on with the fact that I dont think I have ever officially purged it before. If anything is close to empty, covered in other make up, or hasnt been used in six years (even on Halloween) = a recipe to pitch it. Hey Hey, Bye Bye Bye. While I am at it, I am going to clean all the brushes that have been caked up since the last time I washed them, aka when I told you about my magic cleaner from Sephora here. Lookin Feelin like a million bucks.




Anywhere you find particulary SOOO 2017 that needs a purge??

Alright, Talk Soon!

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  1. I bought glass storage container for my leftovers from Costco! Highly recommend- easy to clean/dishwasher safe and microwave safe

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