2018 New Year Resolutions

I have been reading everyone’s 2018 resolutions and I felt so inspired–shortly after felt straight up discouraged.. I damn near had a panic attack that I didn’t have my resolutions made up weeks ago. My goals and resolutions listed below are NOT meant to discourage, and I have them written out in hopes to inspire you and let you know you are not alone in things you may go through. My trip to Colorado couldn’t have come at a better time where there was time to sit, think, sit some more. If I were a trendy intellectual girl I think this would be other peoples definition of “Reflection” or “Self Evaluation”, so we will call it that. Truth being. I don’t have easy resolutions that are easy to list or point blank. I really wanted a witty bantered list of things that sounded nice to fix, but to my demise of course all of my resolutions are a fluidly connected thought about where I think I personally fell short in 2017. Nothing broken, but ready for some heavy improvement and I am honest to God scared of all the work ahead in 2018. So I have deiced to share a few things I am facing that you may relate to and some broad and practical ways I am going to combat and improve 2018 for each.

But like I told you all earlier this week in my New Year, New Smile post, I am ready to come into this year as a stone cold FOX. A live view of me in 2018…. or is it the nature I saw from behind the blinds in the townhouse?? REGARDLESS I THINK WE CALL THIS FORESHADOWING




I put this first because it is probably the aspect of my life affecting me the most right now and all of 2017. I moved back to Ohio in the beginning of 2017 for a GREAT job back at Ohio State and it was the biggest blessing of 2017 to be taken back and in a fun and exciting new role. So whats the problem you ask? I feel like I have hit a ceiling in football. I cant evaluate film, I cant be a coach, I have quite literally never played football. So where do I go from here? No clue.  Is this a  premature freak out? Of course. I feel like I am putting so much time and effort into somewhat of a dead end where I am not learning or growing into something for a lifelong career, because the goal is obviously to be a boss ass bitch. I don’t want to look back a few years from now wishing I would have acted sooner on new skills and life improvements. I do not feel sorry for myself, I have a great job and work with amazing people. But. 2018 will be the year I figure out how to grow myself outside of the Football world and into some of the ideas I have in Public Relations or Marketing.


Use every opportunity I am given, even if it doesnt directly benefit me right now.
Self evaluate and explore other career paths that I will have a higher ceiling in.
Volunteer or job shadow different ideas to see what even exists outside of football (seeing as its all I have ever known)



Who doesnt have a problem with their body every once and awhile? Everyone does, and if you dont then you have hit the #goals. I fell off my work out grind right when work became GNARLY. Working Sunday to Monday every week back to back to back almost pushed me straight to the edge. It affected to me mentally (as if I dont have enough inner crazy within me), physically (I allowed myself to use work as an excuse to be too tired to work out), emotionally (I felt straight fried. Slump, rut, fried, whatever you want to call it- that’s what I allowed myself to be.)


Work out 4 days a week and one day of stretching or yoga: I joined a gym again, no more free unaccountable apartment gym for me this year, I lost that privilege with myself.
Have weekly check-ins with myself. I cant let myself get down like I allowed myself to last year, I need to learn to cut it off at the beginning when I am feel in a rut.
Cook more.  As basic as it sounds. I need to plan to succeed with some healthy body goals I have as well. I am going to learn new ways to cook healthy food that still tastes amazing. I plan to share along the way, dont worry. If you follow me on instagram, you MAY have noticed on my stories that I have been a bit on a spree, AKA started my own damn cooking show.
Be less envious. This one is a kicker. For my mental health, nothing quite brings it to a rocky point as when I allow myself to compare myself to others. My life isnt as glamorous, my job isnt as cool, my parents dont have as much money, etc. To enable myself to move forward, I am putting the jealous hate behind me.



I have heard from my friends older than me that this is a weird time of your life for relationships in general- Friends start dropping off, friends get in new relationships, you get in new relationships, relationships get more serious, family dynamics change, etc. etc. And they were right. I feel myself drawing closer to fewer people and weening off friendships and relationships that no longer serve me or the other person.. I have friends becoming doctors, friends living off their parents, friends working on curing HIV, and friends figuring out what the hell to do with their life. Sometimes I’m like, are we still friends??? What do we have in common anymore?? I think the “problem” in relationships comes with expectations (ex: for things to stay the same, for things to change, etc.) and figuring out how to manage the expectations you have or people have on you. Relationships across the board of friendships, romantic relationships, and family are extremely hard and precious to handle and it is something I can do better in 2018.


Stop stressing. I need to relax on the control of every relationship I have.  Have to let people be their own people and be okay with it.
Stop putting timelines on relationships. This may seem like a weird one and may be specific to my long distance romantic relationship in some ways, but in others its not. You dont need to put timelines on things you dont even have yet… I think females at my age and older are world class stressers about this topic. Both being and not being in a romantic relationship gets controlled by this crazy timeline that we make up in our head. In 2018 I want to let go of this world class timeline in my head and let things come as they do. You dont need to have a boyfriend, you dont have to be in a relationship by 24 in order to have kids, you dont need to have be living with your boyfriend for him to want to be with you. I could go on this topic for days with my own experiences and many of my close friends in all sorts of situation. Lets all agree to the most cliche and awful quote of all time “it all works out”. I hate myself for even saying it and dont want to do it, but I am taking it as the sign of  a good goal.
-Expect less, thereby receiving more. Simple as that. I need to stop expecting so much from others, and when I do that, I will be receiving more.
-Stop being a hermit. I have found a new knack for avoiding social plans because it is cold, I’m tired, Gossip girl is a click away, etc. I want to challenge myself to engage with my friends more and to not choose the less social route… My Lawd this post is making me sound like a loser.
-Read another self betterment book: The power in knowledge is unreal. The book that changed my 2017 was The Queen Code and I cant wait to do my book review on it with you all too so that your relationships see a dramatic difference like mine did. My good friend reccomended this book to me and now my other friends think I am a broken record referring to it all the time. It is truly that good. Entire goal bolded for extra emphasis.


Okay. That’s it. I hope that this somehow inspired you to make your own resolutions or at least let you know you are not alone in some of your 2k17 misses. Do you have any goals I should add to the list??? Let me know–please!



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