New Year, New You, New Smile — Smile Brilliant Home Teeth Whitening System & GIVEAWAY

Happy New Years! Another year is out, along with ideas on what we want to change and what we want to stay the same. I have a deeper goals for this year on self-improvement, and I also have three surface level ones- just being honest. Lets start with surface level because you dont need all my emotion today on the 1st. I have started a Lash boost for my eyelashes, a new gym for the ole bold, and YOU GUESSED IT- whiter teeth.  So far the easiest, yup, is the teeth whitening from the comfort of my pajamas with Smile Brilliant. So here I go, on the pursuit of shedding some winter weight, growing some flashy eyelashes, and brightening my smile—watch out 2018, coming for you as a stone cold FOX and smile fearlessly!
***Giveaway is at the bottom of the post DO NOT FORGET**

Heres how it works:

  1. You order the whitening kit online–either sensitive or regular formula. I opted for sensitive because of the desensitizing gel that accompanied it. Without the promise of desensitizing, the thought of teeth whitening alone sent a shiver down my spine with Crest Whitestrip memories. (I’m the sensitive teeth type where I  have a hard time just watching people eat ice cream sometimes, anyone else feel me?)

  2. You make professional grade molds of your teeth in your pajamas while watching Gossip Girl, and then simply drop them in the mail back while they do the work of making your custom fitted trays. 

  3. You receive custom fitted trays that fit your teeth like gloves…without ever leaving the house. Its like online shopping your dentist office (without the $300 that this normally costs when you go to a dentist). Yup, sign me up.

  4. Whiten 3-5 days a week with your selected whitening gel and have a smile that hides years and years of red wine drinking (& loving)–barely speaking from personal experience, obviously.

I did and here is how it went for me so far:

I whitened four times a week for one hour, while I was doing things like laundry, cleaning my shower, unloading the dishwasher. I would then remove them, brush out the remains of the whitening gel and immediately add the desensitizing gel to the molds and let my teeth “desensitize” for 20 more minutes while I finished up any last minute bed time chores. That was it. No pain, all gain. Which is entirely different from any other whitening treatment I had done in the past.

I love how clean and simple the whitening kit comes with all of the corresponding directions. They even send you an extra molding kit for your custom fitted trays in case you get stage fright and mess one up. I didnt mess mine up because the instructions literally spelled it out for me, however I did look really hilarious doing it with blue paste coming out of the sides of my mouth. I would post it if I never wanted you guys to read the blog again but youre my only friends so I best not.

What I am telling you is, go ahead and treat yourself especially if you have been considering it in the past (it has been in the back of my mind for a casual 678 years but didnt pull the trigger due to price, sensitive teeth pain, and inconvenience.) Smile Brilliants knocks all of those out and I never had to leave my house, can you tell I am a hermit yet?

Being the fun friend I am, and awesome people that Smile Brilliant folks are, we decided to give one of you lucky readers a FREE whitening kit of your choosing, complete with custom fitted trays, just in time for the booming hashtag #NewYearNewMe! Whether you keep it or gift it is entirely up to you–I wont tell. Enter here for a chance a gorgeous new (and paid for) smile!

PLEASE let me know if you guys have any burning questions about the system or how the process goes, I love to help. I have done minimal whitening in the past, outside of the Crest Whitestrips horror story that I mentioned, so I am no expert on how it compares to others outside of that, but I am on expert on this particular system and teeth sensitivity to the max. Hit a girl up with any questions or comments-for real. Now, the real part you have been looking for–the link to the giveaway, well, look no further my friends and BEHOLD


You can find the link to the giveaway HERE!!


If you dont feel like waiting for the giveaway, you can also use coupon code “pursuingposh” for an instant 10% off any purchase!



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