Complete Gift Guide #2 : JORD Wooden Watch

It is December so it is time for another COMPLETE gift idea (complete with a 25% off discount code). This week, Watches! For your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, baby daddy, uncle, WHATEVER you have- alike. Now, lets address the wives’ tales that comes with watches right off the bat for kicks and gigs. I have heard two. The first, which we are going to choose to ignore, is that if you buy your significant other a watch, prepare to WATCH them walk away.. IGNORE. or I guess, you could buy it for someone you want to break up with after the holidays??? I DONT KNOW and I am going to leave it at that.  The second wives tale being that it is the last gift you get for someone before you get engaged… PLOT TWIST, talk about a turn of events here. So. you pick the one you want to believe. Or follow my own personal tale that giving a watch is a nice way to treat someone to luxury because you want to be the cool friend. Again, your choice.

If your loved one is in the market for a watch, I love the trendy look of these wooden watches that I am starting to see on Instagram more and more frequently. They are SO nice, and still casual. I got this little stunner from Jord Watches  and I wear it with everything. I have always been more into brown than the other neutrals or black. You can find  my Watch here. 

They have a TON of gorgeous women’s options in the Women’s Watch Shop. But here are two of my other favorites:





You can find one for the Y- Chromosome in your life here in the Men’s Watch Shop .  Here are my favorite ones:





They all come with gorgeous presentation in a matching wooden watch case that has a drawer for your extra links, complimentary wood cleaner, etc.



And, of course, since I got your back, you can get your instant 25% off discount code here

Have no fear, the one test worth passing these days,: the selfie test, and its approved.

Watch Gift Ideas

These are at a very good price point to stand alone as a gift but if you want to be a complete gift mensa, there are plenty of small accesories that can be added to this diverse wooden watched (since they match with about anything)

So here is what you can compliment the girls watches with:


And for those impossible men:

Now, go ahead and throw this bad boy in a stocking and let’s call it Christmas!

A big thank you to JORD Watches for sponsoring this post and providing all of you loyal readers with a 25% off discount code (here). — No greater cheer than a discount code.


Alright, Talk Soon!

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    1. My gift guides are often really just hints for all my loved ones on what to get me… Just kidding! Thanks for stopping by Nancy! 🙂

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