The Complete Gift: Inspo #1

My first totally awesome and more importantly, totally steal-able COMPLETE gift idea.

My favorite gifts are the ones from someone that has fully thought it  through and come with everything you need. There was nothing worse as a kid than getting a sick new toy and having no batteries for it- you feel me? Same Idea.

SO here is my first of a few totally thought out gift ideas for that special loved one in your life. Each item is clickable in the pic below!

1. The Instax Mini Camera
2. Instax Share Mobile Printer
3. Instax Hard Shell Camera Case
4. Instax Flip Photo Album Frame
5. Instax Arcylic Mini Photo Frame
6. Instax Refills
7. Color Filter Lens Set

I love my Instax Camera- its fun for special events, parties, or for when you and the Roomz get a night off after your 14th straight day of work (hypothetically speaking of course)—hence us looking dashing and filling up our Urban Outfitters mini frames.. Who doesnt love taking pictures, but then never gets them printed? Guilty. This solves that problem.  I have the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 because I got it as a bowl gift last year, but Urban and many other retailers are now selling the Instax Mini 9, typical electronics. Any of the fun accessories would totally take this gift to the next COMPLETE level and make you a gift all star, however the refills are not an accessory, they are an ESSENTIAL. All can be found on Urban Outfitters and you can luck out on the free shipping too!

I also found a whole bundle of the camera and fun accessories on Amazon here! & Don’t forget that I constantly keep updating my Holiday shop ideas for your gift guide needs! Check out my Gifts for under $50 & Stocking Stuffers .

Alright, Talk Soon!

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    1. Well besides the Y chromosomes in our lives having such wonderful ladies that are a constant present **cough cough** I will definitely get one going–because they are somewhat mission impossible

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