Christmas Decor for the Small City Apartment & Weston’s First Christmas

Happy November lovelies! The start of great cheer and early Holiday celebrators. To a flaw I have always been a passerby to the Holidays, they don’t start until a few days before they happen (most likely for the reasons I told y’all about in my first Holiday post here, Football leaves no room for the Holidays). And that is just not going to be the case this year.

A lot of my friends just had their first baby or just got engaged and are having their “First Christmas with” or “Baby’s First Christmas”. Well I don’t have any kids, and no one will let me get a dog, but I do have a WESTON (my roommate) and I have decided that this Christmas is going to be themed in our apartment as WESTON’S FIRST CHRISTMAS! **A little disclaimer here, Weston is a 25 year old male, more mature than me, nicer than me, AND TOTALLY going to be annoyed that I am calling this his first Christmas–making it all the sweeter**

I am doing it. I am going all in on Christmas decor this year. and by  all in I have a pretty tight budget for it but FUCK IT. (messed up to curse in a Christmas post??? Too far??? Hope so)

So, in honor of Weston’s First Christmas, we are getting FESTIVE, and by God we are doing it too early.

Obviously, I used my company’s time well spent and ordered all of our goodies offline. Pro’s: of course free shipping on Amazon, as always. But also got to avoid our new found bitter temperatures here in Ohio. Con’s: I have been DYING to see the new Hearth and Hand line at Target (Chip and Joanne from Fixer Upper–NEW DECOR LINE AT TARGET) in person, but the pix online are good enough I suppose–seeing as I ordered everything.


Weston and I have a 700 square foot one bedroom apartment. Our living room is his room so we have to be creative with our space to keep the place looking chic, which we do okay at. But with the Holidays I have to figure out how to fit all our new decor in the place without taking over too much of his space. Let the mission begin…

I ordered us this Christmas Tree:

Its four and a half feet tall, narrow, and pre-strung with lights- AKA- City Living Ready. Win. It was also under $50 and is being delivered straight to my house—>the thought of carrying a tree in and out of a store was enough anxiety to send me over so this a double win. The tree is going up on tomorrow night over Hotty Toddy’s, since Weston is a communist and hates wine, tune into my IG for all the fun.

Our (yes, Weston, OUR) theme for Weston’s First Christmas is white, gold, and green. That’s it. I have some sort of love affair with neutral and earthy tones in every aspect of life. We stay simple (we are also broke, but that wouldn’t be very posh of me to say). So I ordered us a plush white fur tree skirt, white glitter snowball ornaments, and a gold star. DONE. Literally that’s all I am doing and I am so excited.


Now. For the unneeded and total necessary accessories from Hearth and Hand by Target– EEEEEKKK.

For the Bar:

The first is my new bar centerpiece and its right on theme with OUR colors. The candles go on top (obvi) and the Stem bundles go underneath for the Christmas look. I love this piece because it can be used across seasons, not just Christmas.

For the Door:

How will our neighbors know its Weston’s First Christmas without any of our cheer? Problem solved. The bell on the wreath hanger will leave no room for question that it is in fact, his first Christmas.

For around the House:

Touches of magic for across the house. I plan to put some holy out of the tiny white house below, for a touch of cheer.

For near the Tree:

I love love these Stocking Holders and this tiny ornament. Of course, I will be buying us matching stockings but I havent found the perfect ones yet.


All of my Amazon goodies get delivered on Friday (God bless you Amazon Prime) and my Target items shipped for free and get here Tuesday. YES, there of course will be a follow up post or two on the decor, and more importantly—>Weston’s First Christmas Experience.


Alright, Talk Soon!

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