Nordstrom Fall Sale – Stocking up on the Basics

Its Monday, I got back from Utah late last night & its raining here in Cbus  = Today is one of the days where I can write off anything as a “coping justification”. Nordstrom wasted no time in taking that queue right upon themselves in my time of need for retail therapy. I literally hate to love you, Nordstrom. I got on and looked at my $800 cart I racked up (despite a 40% off sale), and further resented this gorgeous store. To help with my despair of not getting all 27 things I wanted in my cart, I am sharing with you in hopes that we all collectively get the 27 things, because that’s what friendship is, correct?  I try to take advantage of some new basics during these big sales and have linked up whats in my cart below (sometimes in multiple colors because I am not sure which color to pull the trigger on). My basics however always look a lot like my non-basics because I am in a dangerous love affair with neutral, aka lazy girls guide to making everything match. The shoes in this sale definitely take the cake for me and I am wasting no time.



**Please note the faux leather leggings for under $20. Okay proceed**


**I have a hard time spending a lot of money on jewelry that isn’t FOREVER STATEMENT jewelry, so all of these picks are under $30**



**the 100 ring is giving me life right now LOL**

Here is what I am wearing in this post (minus the sweater because it  is already of off Vernacular’s website-ugh):

My good friend Lexie wanted me to remind everyone that she took these pictures and is really proud of them… My photo cred on Instagram is not enough so here is the Parade you asked for, Lexie. You go girl.


Enjoy your Monday & Retail On. Alright, Talk Soon!

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    1. Thank you Nicola! I love it too- It was off the site within two weeks of having it so I guess everyone loved it too……

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