The Friday Fix #4

HAPPPPY FRIDAY! November. wowza. I officially bought this blog ONE year ago.. Holy cow. Of course, it was entirely a personal diary for more than 3/4 of its life due to my inability to believe that anybody would be insane enough to actually read it, but who’s keeping score. Today I decided to switch up The Fix into a 4X4. Four things (I needed) of four things (you might need) in honor of the 4th Friday Fix. How far we have come <3

Alright lets get this thing rolling.

    1. Four Mugs I need. 

      I love love love mugs. I have a cute collection mostly sponsored by my sweet little sister who gets me one or two every Christmas. I carry them all to the car in the morning and have about 9-15 rolling around in my backseat on any given day, no exaggeration. HOWEVER,  my amazing roommate (not more amazing than Nani my sister, to clarify) warned me on Monday that he got me a surprise and then threw me a pack of AAA batteries, I was a little skeptical……. but it was a coffee mug that stirs the contents of my coffee mug FOR ME.  Shut the front door right? He (boy roommates are life, yes) knows I am a psycho and put three different concoctions in my coffee a day, first chocolate greens, then my grass fed butter/bullet proof coffee, and then a good ole fashion half and half coffee. I am a coffee feen. And I cant get over my newest stir proof mug (yes, the one I am annoying social media with consistently) so I linked up four freakin cute ones that do the same below.

    2. Four things I am thankful for.

      The past week I have felt in a constant funk- so I reached out to my psychiatrist——for tips on how to break out of a funk. I found that writing down just a couple of things you are thankful for (in our case 4 things, for the sake of theme overkill) so here were mine from one of the lower days (LOL)

      1. Starbucks Americano’s with light cream- unsung hero packed with shake-worthy caffeine and little calories.
      2. My velour sweater that feels like a warm ass hug when my mom isn’t around.
      3. The people in my office who tell me to shut my mouth when I’m acting up and then likewise bitch along with me. (Aka- Amy. I would tag you, Kayla, but you don’t subscribe to the blog so NO shout out for you 😉 )
      4. Pursuing Posh. I love this silly blog. Thankful for all the joy it brings to write about the good, the bad, and the total nonsense.  OKAY SOFTNESS OVER. Back to sarcasm
    3. Four Nail Polish Colors – *Four* the Dark Side 

      I always struggle with what color to get when I treat myself to a manicure, such a full blown panic attack that I legitimately either get white or the blushiest white I can find. I have now prepared myself and done some research on some darker side colors that I am going to cure my decision anxiety with. **sidenote** a lot of you asked how I am liking the powder nail dip as opposed to gel that I got during my Chicago trip and I have to say it is not disappointing me at all, its a nice mixture of gel and acrylic- much harder and durable than gel but not as damaging as acrylic so far, I will continue to keep you posted.

    4. Four Videos Getting Me Through the Day

      You know that every Friday Fix has to end with some funny shit that makes life and the internet more laughable. These four give me life. Feast your eyes on the only thing the internet is good for..

I feel you, son.

Mom goals

My favorite #fbf

And finally, I end your day with a woman I aspire to be more like everyday. Joanne.

Alright, Talk Soon!

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