Sweater Weather Look + Drafting Chicago Girl’s Weekend

It’s the Bye Week!!! In college football employee terms that loosely translates to THE BEST WEEK OF THE SEASON. No game on Saturday = an entire weekend to live and breathe as a human being. Given this incredibly glorious information, what does that mean for me? What it means every year…. Girl’s Trip. Packed up the bags, threw on my new fall outfit, and we are off!

My best friend Marisa just moved to the Windy City and it is officially the first time that one of my two best friends has lived in the midwest, (they are both Florida girls). My bye week would normally take me down South to visit these two gals (yes, I didnt forget you Emilee – even though it would have been awesome to name someone else) but this week we have taken a turn for Chi-Town.

We already have a small itinerary put together:

Friday- Fajita & Margs Night at the Crib. Watch the Netflix movie “Sleeping with Other People” and cuddle all four hundred stuffed animals her weird ass has.

Saturday- We start right away with a nail appointment in the morning out in the burbs, I am hopping we pass a pumpklin patch on the way for couples pix but, unlikely. Bottomless mimosas at brunch to follow at Zellas—which I am guessing will lead to an inevitable need to nap. Following the nap, we found a cool Ice Cream Bar place that lets you do crazy things like dunk the ice cream bar in magical toppings such as fruit pebbles and nuts of all kinds–photos to come.

Sunday- I dont fly out till later so we are looking at an all day FARMERS MARKET ordeal, pending the weather.

And there we have the weekend filled with beautiful dreams and gorgeous sweaters. Now, to my Fall outfit. I basically put three of my favorite pieces together and BAM, it worked out. I am OBSESSED with the Step Hem cut of these Articles of Society Jeans.. every tall girls dream, no worries on a weird crop that could look like the bad side of high waters.. It also accents the perfect pair of booties, like my Frye babies from bae. The sweater was my favorite piece I got when I went to the Vernacular Store in Grandview, its a mock neck so it doesn’t get too close to me and make me think I am suffocating like turtle necks do, and has a cropped look that I love with these pants—plus its a good sweater under $50-virtually priceless. I linked up all of my exact pieces below, and some similar styles that I have seen on the web and think achieve this same simple look throughout the post!

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