Take Back Time – 4 Productivity Hacks You Need to Thrive

I feel like I am damn near a quarter life crisis {makes sense because I am 25 in March} and on the cusp of something that leaves me half awake all through the night, could be greatness, could be paranoia. Whatever it is,  I cannot seem to get my brain to turn off. What should I be doing, whats the plan for the week, how will I fit this in–blah blah blah blah.  I work a full time job {8-5p, Mon-Sat}, love this crazy and totally time consuming blog, and try to maintain fit chick/fun chick/health chick, etc life—Everyday battles that I think we all find ourselves in.  I wonder sometimes how my mom ever got anything done with all these things AND a kid {God bless her}. Until Hot Tub Time Machine becomes a reality, I couldn’t figure out a way to CREATE more time BUT there were certainly areas that I could take BACK time within my everyday routine. Here is what I have found helpful so far.

  1. Turn Off Social Media Notifications

    This is the first one because it has been life changing. Every time the **ding** went off or even if the phone just lit up with a snapchat– instant distraction in my train of thought. I went even went further and deleted Facebook off my phone entirely, goodbye forever- or until my next computer sit down. I wish I could turn off my calls and texts until I was done with thoughts but the work schedule just doesn’t allow that, so the social media was the first to go. Social Media is now on MY time instead of the other way around. Life. Changing. The snaps, likes, comments, etc. can wait—- my version of greatness can not. If this scares the living daylights out of you, just try with one social media app at a time. Baby steps.

  2. Wake Up Earlier & Get Work-Out Knocked Out

    This was a part of my Four Mid(Ish) Year Resolutions and it has made a huge impact on my day to day. Besides getting all of my endorphins rolling right in the morning {making for a very euphoric morning} it gives me a whole part of my day back that I never had before and would have spent sleeping. The feeling of knowing my work out is complete all day the next day is also a freeing feeling that leaves my mind ready to work on everything else the rest of the day, instead of dread the work out all day. I don’t have to plan it or talk myself off the ledge about the horrors of the gym- freeing up so much of my mental time I never knew I was giving up. There is always a chance to go to bed earlier, but not to go back and wake up earlier.

  3. Time Block the Day

    I learned this little trick from one of my favorite bloggers, The Skinny Confidential and I have been using it ever since.. Every morning at 8:30am I write down every hour of the work day in my planner. The strategy is to simplify your thoughts and only work on ONE thing at a time- compartmentalize. Once the time block for that activity ends you stop and move onto the next time block. It is essentially making a to do list with times associated to each task so you can keep your day totally on track. This helps me to keep on schedule with all of my 8-5pm work tasks and not get caught up in the other things, until their corresponding time block that is. A Monday might look like this:

    9-10am: catch up on emails
    10-11am: process reimbursements
    11-12pm: order meals for all home games
    12-1pm: eat lunch
    1-2pm: check Pursuing Posh emails

    etc. etc. etc. — you get the point. without it, Pursuing Posh and socializing would be 9am-3pm. JUST KIDDING IF MY EMPLOYER IS READING THIS.

  4. Write Everything Down {Everything}

    I keep three “books” on me at all times, hence my constant backpack. I have my work journal that I keep all my work to do lists & notes in, my inspiration journal that I write ALL of my ideas in (literally every single one), and my planner that keeps all four hundred of my separate schedules straight. The ease of taking something out of your brain and putting it to paper is extremely comforting and allows for additional ideas to create and bounce around because the old ones no longer take up space in your brain. It is also helpful to see all of your thoughts and lists on paper because then things start to naturally group themselves or cross themselves off. I obviously had to be extra and get the million pack rainbow of pen sharpies to keep my thoughts EXTRA straight and extra extra. Why not.


What I wore:

I loved doing this little photo shoot in my favorite Madewell Tee (Under $20)  and that’s good and fine, but doing this shoot with my little cousins & baby sister was SO much fun and such a lift for my spirits. You might have seen me talk about it on my Instagram and how adorable they are but in case you missed it, I will give you the 15 second shimmy- my cousins were so excited to hear about my blog and that I had FINALLY had launched it (I was nervous as hell for the past year while talking about it and what people would think). They instantly started doing my hair and we went outside where they had a full plan of a cornfield photo shoot- one of my cousins even carried around a spiked seltzer water for during the shoot. All they asked in return? For proper photo creds.. I mean, how CUTE are they??? Family, the best. They get me.  So this post is to them and to their photo cred- thank you nani, lys, & brea – you guys gave me more confidence and support than I can write about, thank you for believing in me and all my crazy dreams. End sap note.



What do you do to keep yourself on track???? LAWD  HELP ME!!

Alright, Talk Soon!



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