What Your Bar Cart May Be Missing – Chic Addition on a Budget

Oh the beloved Bar Cart trend!! I had been waiting to pull the trigger on this bad boy for awhile and then something magical happened, Columbus got an Ikea. Is that truly amazing or truly destructive? To be determined.

Here is the second issue I ran into when determining my investment into a Bar Cart….. I already have a wine table in my kitchen… and a separate liquor shelf…… What the hell would I put on this Bar Cart?? My second love to wine, coffee. I love all things french press, keeto, bulletproof, etc. A shopping trip was definitely in order!!!

Bar Cart $30 

Milk Frother $5 

French Press $9

Porcelain Cream Pitcher $5

A magical brain chain occurred mid-Ikea run, a succulent house. Genius. Gorgeous, Perfect, My Everythings, YES. I already have 8 so what are 2 more to spoil and put up in a lavish home. I am going to be the worse parent, treating my succulents like spoiled children. But whatever, THIS is what your Bar Cart is most likely missing, if you aren’t just straight up missing a Bar Cart to begin with. Or Bar-ista Cart in my case.

Succulent Greenhouse $20 

2 Succulents in Tin $10

2 Glass Bottles with Stoppers $4

3 Glass Jars $5 

Any trinkets you can find around your house ( I used an old vintage book, a coffee quote frame that use to sit by my Keurig, & my Anthropologie mug– posh) FREE

Grand Total Price of $88 for TOTAL posh. Bar-ista Cart Complete.


I also added this super affordable frame from Ikea above the bar cart and filled it with cute quotes from a random Etsy shop selling prints for cheap & printed them using Amazon Photo. Because you know I do everything through Amazon Prime. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial Must have everything right now.

Alright, Talk Soon!

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  1. Ooh nice, that looks gorgeous. I had no idea what a Bar Cart was and I’m so glad you had a picture in your post. It also reminds me that we could do with a trip to IKEA. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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