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Everyone loves “fall”. Even people who don’t experience an Ohio Fall (shout out to all of my friends in Florida and Texas who have no idea about the overwhelmingly perfect crispness in Ohio fall air). So it’s officially here, marked by yesterday being October 3rd, every Mean Girl’s indicator to get their fall on. I have also linked up my favorite pair of fall colored pants (in two colors because they are that magical) and my two year running blanket scarf for every occasion– that is also under $10. 

So if its not just the crispness in the air, the blanket scarves (my God I love mine) and the Honey crisp apples- why the hell do we all love fall so much??

My Blanket Scarves Picks:

Please observe the wine on the sidewalk for our photo shoot.. oops.

I have a theory and I don’t know if I am right but its my blog so here it is-haha!

My Jean Shirt Picks:

We love the idea of fall- its a natural cycle reminder of year. Many of us attach ourselves to the idea of fall as a place of new beginnings- new school year, many new fiscal years, work begins again from the summer lag. Everything goes back to being “on track” and what we know again. The haziness and relaxed feelings of summer wear off and we crave to reattach to something else again. Fall. The feeling of the holidays approaching, being with family, colder nights cuddled in. It has all of the “feels” that our silly human brains cling to unapologetically. It’s more the New Year than the New Year even is (to me). Feels on top of feels on top of feels.  I mean, if you need more evidence, there IS a reason fall is known as “cuffing season “, defined below by the ever faithful urban dictionary:

Cuffing Season

During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.
1) I have lost count of the number of friends getting engaged. Cuffing season has begun.2) “Are you single?” “Not for long. It’s cuffing season.”

My Colored Pant Picks:

I can feel the “cuffing” happening right before my very eyes, I have friends going on dates… Wait what, my friends are DATING? Yes, they are going on dates with actual strangers that they hope to spend more time with… MIND-FREAKING-BLOWN>. That’s bravery. Meanwhile, every already “cuffed” couple taking 800 pictures in front a dang apple tree.

All of us all so filled to the brim with feelings- those damn Fall Feelings. And we all love to love them. Hence the marketing explosion on every product and its “fall” twist. My Lord, did falll even exist before the pumpkin spice latte??? I have to believe no because now it is a staple reminder that the best time of the year is here. That’s just my two cents. So to all of you lovelies, from me to you, Happy Fall Y’all 🙂 & B-E-W-A-R-E of cuffing season, as you know yesterday WAS in fact October 3rd, when most crushes ask you the date….

Image result for its october 3rd

Image result for its october 3rd



Also, I have been getting a lot of questions about my pants and the ones I also posted on Instagram, the linked up pants above I have in BOTH Celedon (green) and Cameo (blush) —yup, they are that good. AND ONLY $34.  They feel like leggings and have a matching elastic band around the waist, prolly could sleep in them. Here are the Cameo’s on below:



Talk soon!


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