Operation Glowy Skin – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I have been obsessing over having glowy skin for OH, IDK FOREVER. Everywhere you read about nice skin, its like a broken record about hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Well. I hate hydrating. I hate having to pee every five minutes and HATE being cold from all my water consumption. But, it’s time to put my excuses aside and buck up for glowy skin that shines from the inside out. Here is how I am ACTUALLY getting it done.

-Have a partner

Much like anything, it is so much more effective to set a goal and tell someone. Have them hold you to it and you hold them to it. I have a water buddy. We send random GIF’s to each other all day long to remind the other to CHUG that water. We use snapchat as evidence of our consumption and every time I think about her, take a drink… Its like a healthy drinking game- and I’ll do anything to win a drinking game.

-Set Alarms

Yes. OCD Tori has water alarms. I want gorgeous skin people. I have a 12:00PM alarm, by this time I should have consumed one and a half S’well bottles (around 36oz, and half of my daily goal.) I like to have my water consumption knocked out at work so by noon I still have five more hours to drink the other one and half bottles. Makes it more reasonable and attainable when I am shivering and have to pee every five minutes.

-Track your daily progress

Have a water checklist. I use a physically check mark to mark off my accomplishments, three checks a day and I am victorious. I drink more water at the gym (a lot) but that does not count towards my daily 75oz. I do count my mid-afternoon Daily Detox Drink towards the countable number, as it is mostly water.  Keeping yourself accountable is key. And feeling accomplished is key, cross that shit off with pride. Damn right I drank three water bottles today.

-Get a fancy water bottle

This is my favorite step of all….. Below are some of the trendiest water bottles that I personally know about. Totally making the water bottle a fashion accessory. I carry mine around like its a damn Louis bag.

S’well – I’m obsessed with mine. Of the three I am suggesting this is my favorite. It keeps my drink cold, it has 25ozs, its light, and it’s beautiful. You have seen them everywhere and you can pick between so many different patterns, I love options.

VitaJuwel – this one comes with a hefty price tag for a water bottle

but they are gorgeous and they are said to have legitimate magical powers- magical powers being healing attributes within the gems and crystals. These bottles have different gem inserts for whatever part of your life needs healing (love, allure, vision, focus, etc). If you don’t believe in magical hippy powers like me, the look of how pretty this water bottle is should be a sell in itself. Little does bae know, the diamond insert is #1 on my Christmas list….. WHO’S SURPRISED?! click here to see it.

Rubber band bottle– my good friend has this water bottle and I think its genius for two reasons: 1. Its budget and cost friendly for a mere $7… brilliant 2. It knocks off how you track your water intake, every time you finish one bottle you move a colorful rubber band up the bottle, keeping you motivated on your water intake goals. This reminds me more of a tervis than an actual bottle BUT IT STILL COUNTS.



I have also been tossing around the idea of infusing my water with lemons, basil, etc. to make it more “interesting” to drink all day- does anyone have any good recipes for this?


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    1. I drink a lot of tea too because my office is an ICE BOX – tea and coffee are my only two sources of warmth in the whole place!! Thanks for having us all on the link up! 🙂

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