The Friday Fix #3

How did this Friday get here so quickly… rhetorically of course, I know exactly where it went and it has been a good one filled up with as many outdoor activities before we enter the dark arctic tundra of winter…. I luckily got to sit out one winter last year being in Houston, but oh boy are we back!! && I am going to be shook. I digress, here are some things I have been loving or been asked about and feel the need to share with all of you lovelies!


  1. Car Oil Diffuser 

My mom surprised me last weekend with this little gem and I {and all my friends despite their unwillingness to admit it} am obsessed with it. Never on an insta-story have I gotten so many replies-haha! So I am sharing it with all of you. I put in three drops of either tea tree oil or eucalyptus and fill the rest with water. Lets not get it twisted, I am still a psychotic driver but this little guy at least lets me pretend to be calm and at peace with my chaos.

2. Milestone Red Blend Wine

Am I the only person that stands in the wine aisle and wonders where the hell to even start? I normally opt for a Bota Box of Cab Sav because, why not get a box. Except when I am going over to someones house and want to be a classy girl that brings a bottle of wine instead of a large and economical box……… To save you time in the wine aisle, I highly recommend giving this one a try— $8.99 and delicious, just my style. I venture to say that I like it better than the Apothic Red’s red blend which is one of my absolute favorites. I got mine at Kroger and will always go back now.

3. The Board Game – Settlers of Catan

Yes, the board game that you may have seen at your local hipster pub or heard me love/hate on in A Weekend in the (Colum)Bus. This game is the best and worst thing to happen to mankind—and my relationships. I feel like Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..” There is not a more fun and challenging board game to bring into your friend group, it is an entirely  UNfriendly combination of Risk & Monopoly. I have damn near lost friendships, acquaintances, and my own boyfriend over this game {given, he forced me into playing it for twelve hours straight one day, he had it coming}. One magical component of this game is, much like beer pong or pool, I am confident that you perform better with a nice serving size of wine… so if you struggle take my personal advice of pouring yourself a glass or two. This game will not disappoint and totally disappoint you in the best ways possible- so it is only right that I bestow upon you the inevitable joy and despair- ENJOY!

4. Sephora Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner 

Finally I have found a way to clean my brushes that is idiot proof and involves no baby soap, vinegar, blood of a baby calf, etc. This perfect little thing was $8 and all you do is swirl your wet brushes on the soapy part and then on the pink rubber mat and BAM- clean brush. Watching all of the orange and black ooze of the pink mat from the brush was oddly satisfying and I have to stop myself from not cleaning them every single day. This purchase was inspired by goal to have gorgeous, glowy skin that I talked about in my Four Mid(ish) Year Resolutions– on fire with goals lately. There is a bigger more expensive version ($14) but the little sized one worked just fine for all of my brushes. I let them dry on a paper towel overnight and they were soft and ready to go in the morning. Thank you Sephora.

5. Video of the Week – They Be Hating On My Durag

This absolutely is the best video to grace social media in months and one that I pretend I can relate to. Thrive on young sir, thrive on.


Okay that’s it from me. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and drinks enough for the both of us. Cheers!

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    1. The wine aisle is the only place where I have experience “positive anxiety” haha! However, that red blend is definitely one to add to your list and take out some of the anxiety- I legit love it.

  1. I JUST ordered a car diffuser, I didn’t get the humidifier version like you have, but a straight diffuser. I’m so excited for it. Also, The Settlers of Cannan is a GREAT game!

    PS If you haven’t, you should check out doTERRA for your essential oils 😉

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