THE Daily Detox Drink

This is the magical potion of life that smells and look the magical poison of life. No lie, it smells and somewhat tastes like it is meant to kill a grown grizzly bear. The cosmic orange appearance is a clear indicator of all the fun that is about to be had in every sip. The weirdest part of all? I crave it everyday, and I am not alone.

My desk mate Amy and I wrote about this on our first blog ( Two Girls One Office, RIP) two years ago after being HOOKED. Well, we are still going strong and look forward to our drink every single day. Its our natural remedy to skincare, eliminating snacking, & overall detoxing- all of our favorite things. We don’t have it FIRST thing in the morning like a lot of my friends who have a set “drink” in the morning. Our set morning drink and number one priority in life is always still COFFEE, it shall never be replaced with any of the health benefits in the world. Need you coffee like a heart needs a beat.

We normally have our drink around 10:30am after two cups of coffee and when our office quiets down. Here is how it is done.

The Recipe:

1 emptied Turmeric capsule

1 Scoop of Collagen Powder OR 4 ozs of bone broth (we switch back and forth every other day)

1 shake of Cayenne

3 slow seconds pour of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother” (yes, the brand matters here, any vinegar that is filtered or not produced “raw” far less of the effects we are looking for)

1/4 of a lemon squeezed in

Remaining space in cup is filled with water (recommend at least 20oz of water)

1 straw to stir and sip!

The Ingredients:

Below are the exact ingredients we use. We order them on Amazon Prime Now straight to the office so we dont forget anything at home or at the store.

The Directions:

Step 1: Dry Ingredients.

Step 2: Wet Ingredients

Step 3: Fill remainder of large cup with water & stir

What does this magical drink do?

Outside of put us in an unexplainable happy mood/euphoria, it has a lot of great benefits that we have played around with the past couple of years that are important to us and therefore have stayed ingredients in our “witches elixir” (or “bitches elixir” depending on who you ask in our office).

Benefits we have found outside of what you will read on the internet about each of the ingredients separately: -helps keep our face clear and glowy (Collagen) -keeps us full and metabolism running (cayenne & vinegar) -keeps our stomach looking good and feeling burning. (turmericĀ helps with inflammation and vinegar keeps the stomach burning and feeling clean)

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The switch up in collagen powder and bone broth occurs every other day. Amy buys the tasteless collagen powder while I supply the bone broth that I brew for days at a time (an entirely separate topic for another day). We strongly prefer the taste of the taste-LESS collagen powder, however, from my reading and experience the bone broth is actual liquid gold. So we go back and forth to fulfill both of our needs- its compromise people. If you are starting out, I would start with the powder, the taste of the bone broth is unfortunately very present.

What more do you need?? We arent sure because this is working for us, but there are lots of articles you can read about what exactly each ingredient does, the ones we listed above are just what we can actually FEEL. I have linked up other benefits below:

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar



Collagen Powder

Bone Broth

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  1. Oh my goodness! I’m going to try this. I normally use Braggs with raw honey. I have not seen the collagen part in all of the formulations I see. I need to try this now before taking my multivitamin! I’ll keep you updated.

    1. We have been experimenting with our mixture for three years so we are ever-changing, definitely let me know how it goes for you!

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