Baby Shower Takes Wine Diaper Tower

My office was plagued, pardon me- “blessed” by pregnancy. Out of the three full time staff women, two were pregnant.. YIKES whose the sorry bastard that was left with no baby bump- yes, thats me, and lets just say I avoided drinking the water in the building for months.

Back to the blessings- Our office is going to be blessed with two MORE boys (an addition to the other 140 in the office). Naturally we wanted to torture these two mama’s with a nice an awkward work baby shower (can you feel the blessings continue here???)

I normally work hard and drink hard with these two mommy to be’s, so I let the personality and friendship shine through the gifts.

A  natural place to start was a place where we always start: a liter of wine. On here, I customized my own label “knocked up no more” just for a touch of class and good taste.

I then wrapped and rolled (what seemed like hundred) Target brand size one diapers– because no one stays in newborns for long. I secured each diaper with the smallest sized rubberband.

After rolling one million and one diapers I put a large rubber band around the base of the wine bottle and the placed the diapers one by one in the large rubber band.

Once I had the base in place, I moved up to the second level and then the third. To ensure that my diaper tower stayed secure, I added another large rubber band to the outside of each level of diapers.

Now comes the pretty part.

I added thick ribbon to each level, fastened  by my hot glue gun. For a little extra glitz, I added trendy tassels that I found for $1 in the Target section. To top our alcoholic, I mean mommy, tower- I gently taped a pair of baby shoes.

I loved the clean and chic look the diaper had to the outside, hiding and protecting all of the fun on the inside. I mean, look how proud of them I look- haaaaaa!!

My mommy’s to be loved them too and I cant wait till I get to hold babies while they hold two glasses of wine each. LIFE WILL BE GOOD PEOPLE, babies and wine, wine and babies.


Alright, Talk Soon!


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  1. I love that the tower hides a bottle of wine and your custom labels are spot on! I have THREE baby showers coming up, I think I know what one of my gifts will be, lol. Thanks for sharing at Designing You!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Its basically a present for baby AND post baby mama (important not to forget her-ha!)

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