A Weekend in the (Colum)Bus

We are officially in the “Fest” Season in Columbus!! We have the Greek Festival, Bacon Festival, Fall Festival, etc., etc. you get the picture. So much magic on the horizon.  What a time to be alive. The complete list of the upcoming festivals can be found here. This past weekend was one of my favorite Festival’s— The Food Truck Festival- need I say more? Well don’t worry, I will.

Look how happy I am for the festival- it’s pathetic! Almost as pathetic as the spilled beer on my shirt!!!

The Festival moved out of the Columbus Commons for the first time since it started and moved over to the Bicentennial Park. They shut down the streets and bridges and had the Trucks lined up ON the Scioto River. It was one of the more photogenic events I have been to in awhile. It was HOT and there was no shade but luckily Tito’s was a title sponsor and that helped a lot with their All-American Lemonade (for the alcoholic Americans of course).

I stuck to the basics of Hot Chicken Takeover fried chicken and Chicken and Waffles at Chicky chicky Waffle!

They had AMAZING Strawberry Syrup that I mixed with the Spicy syrup-sweet, spicy, salty combo sent sent straight from the chicky chicky streets.


It was one of the harder things I had to do walking PAST the Late Night Slice Truck (with their epic unicorn sauce) but I made it through. Fitness pays its price on me (Fried Chicken doesnt count though).

After a nap and a few games of Settlers of Catan (the best and most aggravating game of all time) I ended up at my top 2 Columbus restaurant’s Little Palace.

I am uncertain how this hipster bar became my favorite but it surely did. Their mini Crispy Chicken sandwich (are we seeing a  trend here?) and $2 PBR are perhaps the largest indication at how this UNEXPLAINABLE PHENOMENA occurred. There are the other natural selections on the menu that add a smile to anyones face, like the Poutine Fried (french fries covered in gravy), Stromboli, & yes even their “Warm Vegetables” app is amazing.

To keep our gaming spirits alive we pulled out Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up app. The bar gets pretty loud at night for a normal hipster spot so our charades yelling fit right in with everyone else. Dinner=Success. 

I extended my weekend all the way to Tuesday when Kendrick Lamar decided to pay Columbus another visit. He has officially become my most seen artist, with this being my fourth Kendrick concert (Humble brag) <——–sit down, be humble…..

The first time I saw him was at the LC Pavilion (back when the LC was still the LC and not Express Live!) for FREE. Have tried not to miss a chance to see him since– LOYALTY.

My videos dont do him or his absolutely amazing show any justice so I refuse to post them because he is much more than a sum of my (or anyones) snapchats. (If you follow along on my Insta Story you can still catch a few Boomerangs of him doing his DAMN thing). Instead here is a picture of bae and I at the concert before he leaves me again. Back to the grind he goes and back to long distance we go. Thank God for Kendrick here to ease the pain.

Even if you arent a Kendrick fan, you can still appreciate these absolutely amaxing photos taken by one of my co-workers Stephen Collier (@stephen13collier). You also probably haven’t noticed half of my DAMN Tour  jokes in the last paragraph, feel free to scroll to the bottom and ignore my corniness & focus on the pretty pictures.


Photo Taken by: Stephen Collier
Photo Taken by: Stephen Collier


I hope you all had a great weekend and SURPRISE it’s already halfway to this weekend. Happy Hump Day!


Talk Soon!


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  1. Your post was awesome I live near the Columbus area and never know what to do during the weekend. Your article has given me some insight into all the wonderful events that happen in Columbus all the time. I am so happy to have found you. I live in Springboro Ohio and go to Columbus all the time. I own a blog myself its piecesoffrost.com . I found you on the link up party on Ravenswould. I hope to read more of your blog.
    Theodore of,
    Pieces Of Frost

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I love Columbus and promise to keep it updated with all the happenings around here because they are my favorite things to write about! Thank you also for sharing the link to your blog- I love the joke of the day, a great way to start any day!

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