The Friday Fix #2

Rise and Shine, its Friday. I need this one more than usual- reason being? No explanation, but here I am. I have a pretty fun weekend planned around Columbus with one of my best friends coming to visit and bae still being in town. But before I get after it, enjoy some Friday goodness that has gotten me through the week, SPLASH:


  1. Cold Brew Latte Pops

Wowza, these are amazing. Way better than carrying my cup of 100 degree coffee to my car, that when I arrive is then 120 dayum degrees. (I have a small commute to and from my car #citylivin). I get these tasty treats at Trader Joe’s whenever I am patient enough to make the commute. I LOVE YOU GUYS


  1. Homemade Popsicle Molds

How creative of me right….. I am obsessed. I wonder where I got the inspiration for these fellas, one may never know. Below are my strawberry Rose pops that I made for the Fourth of July in Utah! Boozy pop for the win-as expected! Where has this summer gone?

  1. LIMM Resistance Bands

You probably see these all over the gym and maybe on my Insta Stories- Yes, they are worth the hype. I take them with me everywhere when I travel so there is never an excuse to not work out. The bag is super small and compact so I can keep them in a small or medium sized purse if I need to. My work out with them varies and I normally combine work outs off of Instagram Fit Chicks. My  favorite account to use that posts band work outs is by far @alexia_clark . She uses them any and everywhere. Total bad ass. I like them most for butt and leg day, but she does use some of hers for full body as well.

  1. Franseca’s Perfume – The Romantic

Bae is still in town and while I was at work I sent him on a Mission to retrieve this sweet smelling goodness. It is only $20 (sign me right up) and has a light and elegant scent. There are a few more scents in the Francesca’s line of perfume but I haven’t smelled any, and when I asked bae if he did his response was “I just grabbed the one I was told,” perfection. Angel sent right from God. Besides the point, I now smell like the Angel from God.



  1. Bossy Boss Lady Compilation

This video is all of the Friday feels about work. Katie Ryan and her daughter Ava kill me (and have been since Ava was 2). This is my formal thank you to them both for giving me life. Enjoy a laugh J

“I don’t have a bad attitude, I’ll tell you what I do have though: a bad job. That’s what I have”——dead.


Anything that especially made your work week better? Holler back!


Talk Soon!






If you need even more Friday Love- I got you! Below are my fellow Friday Lovers:

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