10 Minute Photo Back Drop

Nothing says TREND ALERT quite like a picture back drop. They look intimidating by all the pinterest queens of America but I am here to tell you that you too can be a #bloggerbetch. Honest, if I can do it in ten minutes, you can..

Here is the checklist of what you need:

-clear tape

-streamers in the color of your choice

-two tinsel streamers

-two additional hanging accesories


-Prop of your choice (we chose a “Hooray pendant” & balloons)

-Liquor/Wine of your choice (required)

First step is to pick a clean wall with good natural lighting. And also pour a glass of wine. Check.

Then, hang two tinsel strands to center the photo back drop.

Where the tinsel ends, secure balloons on each end to cover the tape. (more wine)

Take streamers and tape at the bottom of the second tinsel. We wound gentle curls in them for a chic vibe and secured with tape at the bottom of the wall. (We thought about doing the streamers straight down but you have to perfectly space them apart and ensure they are straight for this to look chic and we were on the FAST route)

Pro Tip: Cover any plugs/ electrical things with the streamers strategically, nothing ruins the simplistic chic look quite like a socket in the bottom of your photo. I am uncertain if this meets fire code, but do it for the gram.

Throw some balloons around and a few hanging décor items on top of the tinsel if you think it will make it into the photos. Yes, ours turned out a little more “gender reveal party” than we were planning, but whatever. I have my eyes set on all gold for next go around. And additionally, wine.

BAM 10 minute backdrop.


Pro Tip: Obviously, since you are in charge, coordinate your outfit to compliment the back drop, pastels love the company of other pastels 😉 Linked up my outfit deets here & Back Drop Inspiration Below:

Welcome to the blogger life my friends, its that easy.

Talk Soon!

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    1. This was my first time making one and it turned out way better than I thought! Thanks for hosting a fun link up! Have a great rest of your week 🙂

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