The (Literal) Oregon Trail – – Mount Hood Travel Expose

No, I am not talking about the 90’s/millennial game we got to play on the computer for hours at school. Even though that game was the dopest of all time.

This city girl took a trip down the ACTUAL Oregon Trail… nature, my forte…. Or is sarcasm my forte..

Bae and I ventured out to Mount Hood, Oregon.

We rented the first actual cabin I have ever stayed in and it was adorable. The views weren’t shabby either.

It had all of the luxuries you’re looking for in a vacation- fire pit, hot tub, trees, and absolutely no cell service.

I made two new friends. Slugs. Yup. Climbing out of the tree stump (that looks like something that goes for $1,200 at pottery barn) onto my wine bottle. After the first few initial screams, they became my Kardashians. I watched them every night, and It could have been the wine,  but they lived quite the life.

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