The Friday Fix #2

Rise and Shine, its Friday. I need this one more than usual- reason being? No explanation, but here I am. I have a pretty fun weekend planned around Columbus with one of my best friends coming to visit and bae still being in town. But before I get after it, enjoy some Friday goodness that has gotten me through the week, SPLASH:


  1. Cold Brew Latte Pops

Wowza, these are amazing. Way better than carrying my cup of 100 degree coffee to my car, that when I arrive is then 120 dayum degrees. (I have a small commute to and from my car #citylivin). I get these tasty treats at Trader Joe’s whenever I am patient enough to make the commute. I LOVE YOU GUYS


  1. Homemade Popsicle Molds

How creative of me right….. I am obsessed. I wonder where I got the inspiration for these fellas, one may never know. Below are my strawberry Rose pops that I made for the Fourth of July in Utah! Boozy pop for the win-as expected! Where has this summer gone?

  1. LIMM Resistance Bands

You probably see these all over the gym and maybe on my Insta Stories- Yes, they are worth the hype. I take them with me everywhere when I travel so there is never an excuse to not work out. The bag is super small and compact so I can keep them in a small or medium sized purse if I need to. My work out with them varies and I normally combine work outs off of Instagram Fit Chicks. My  favorite account to use that posts band work outs is by far @alexia_clark . She uses them any and everywhere. Total bad ass. I like them most for butt and leg day, but she does use some of hers for full body as well.

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Friday Fix 1

You love Fridays, I love Fridays, everyone loves Fridays.

To throw a heap more onto Fridays, I present to you- The Friday Fix. Full of all of my favorite Friday things.

I make no promises to put up a Friday Fix every week because some week, I frankly hate everything…. TOTALLY kidding.

Everything on the Friday Fix is my very own opinion and is never anything sponsored/ paid for. I would love if you all linked up your own Friday goodness so we can all collectively spread some Friday cheer- loud for all to hear (if you don’t know the reference, I need you to skip ahead to December and watch Elf). Lets get rolling


  1. My Wedding Day

Oh my goodness. Talk about a Friday tear jerker, but happy tears because those are the only kind we have on Fridays. If you don’t follow Sean of the South, I highly recommend it, he is an amazing short story writer that starts my morning with the correct mindset. Below is a link to one of his less recent pieces that is bound to start your Friday heart on fire.

  1. I’m The One- DJ Khaled

Continuing on this weeks “love” theme… Justin Bieber. I am in love and get lots of shade for always being a Belieber- sue me mom. The video below is pure heart saturation and is just in case you have been living under a rock and aren’t one of the 185 million video views.

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