10 Minute Photo Back Drop

Nothing says TREND ALERT quite like a picture back drop. They look intimidating by all the pinterest queens of America but I am here to tell you that you too can be a #bloggerbetch. Honest, if I can do it in ten minutes, you can..

Here is the checklist of what you need:

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A Place to Start for the Boy Who Has Everything

To all you beautifuls that have no idea what to get the special man in their life, I feel you. I swear that I have the hardest man to shop for- If he wants it, he already bought it. I have toiled with what to buy every  single holiday and occasion and because I am a peach I am here to share with you some of the places I start at.

1. Make Something
-I have an overly competitive boyfriend who keeps score of EVERYTHING. There are post-it notes all over his house of scores from Cornhole from two years past, but Lord knows if you were to throw away the evidence of a victory it could no longer exist……. **dramatic eye roll** To combat my competitive hoarder- I crafted a score book out of a mini binder from Target with matching mini binder dividers and paper. Threw a few stickers on it for my clever title of the book “Play to Win” and his initials BAMMMM instant homemade gift and counter de-clutter-er (yes, a word) all in one. DSC00389
2. Etsy
-This one is my favorite. There are SO many cool things on Etsy and this is an excellent opportunity to play on your man’s/brothers/whatevers personality, and also on your own. It has the creativity of a homemade gift without all the work— in. Below is what I got bae for his bday.. he is never home to actually take care of a real plant (or a girlfriend-JK, swear) so these air plants in obnoxious gold dinosaurs were a no brainer. Did I later order some for myself? It’s Possible.

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