Operation Glowy Skin – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I have been obsessing over having glowy skin for OH, IDK FOREVER. Everywhere you read about nice skin, its like a broken record about hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Well. I hate hydrating. I hate having to pee every five minutes and HATE being cold from all my water consumption. But, it’s time to put my excuses aside and buck up for glowy skin that shines from the inside out. Here is how I am ACTUALLY getting it done.

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THE Daily Detox Drink

This is the magical potion of life that smells and look the magical poison of life. No lie, it smells and somewhat tastes like it is meant to kill a grown grizzly bear. The cosmic orange appearance is a clear indicator of all the fun that is about to be had in every sip. The weirdest part of all? I crave it everyday, and I am not alone.

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No Spring Fling: Make-up Staples for Life


I have two make up staples that I don’t differentiate brands on and are always on automatic reorder when I am running low. These aren’t the only two things that I put on my face but they are the common denominator of what IS always on muuuh face.


tarte bb creamTarte BB Cream
The short version, just like any BB Cream, is that this magical tube does it all. The long version is that it is a primer, moisturizer, light foundation, anti-aging treatment, and sunscreen, BUT WAIT (there’s more) it is also tinted. Blah blah blah but why do I love it? Because its tinted and way lighter than a foundation and for any given casual day (every day) I rub it on my hands and throw it on my face and can walk out the door with a light but evened out look. Add a splash of foundation or blush if you nasty. I’ve tried others but none I love just as much, and I mean it, I love you BB Cream.

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