The (Literal) Oregon Trail – – Mount Hood Travel Expose

No, I am not talking about the 90’s/millennial game we got to play on the computer for hours at school. Even though that game was the dopest of all time.

This city girl took a trip down the ACTUAL Oregon Trail… nature, my forte…. Or is sarcasm my forte..

Bae and I ventured out to Mount Hood, Oregon.

We rented the first actual cabin I have ever stayed in and it was adorable. The views weren’t shabby either.

It had all of the luxuries you’re looking for in a vacation- fire pit, hot tub, trees, and absolutely no cell service.

I made two new friends. Slugs. Yup. Climbing out of the tree stump (that looks like something that goes for $1,200 at pottery barn) onto my wine bottle. After the first few initial screams, they became my Kardashians. I watched them every night, and It could have been the wine,  but they lived quite the life.

My main mission was coffee, coffee, coffee.















But bae had other missions for us lined up:


Cobra Dogs. – Yeah he knows me. A Spicy bratwurst covered in cream cheese (genius!!), banana peppers, onions, sauerkraut, and some insanely delicious spicy sauce. Bae had ZERO interest in macking after this guy, no regrets.

Huckleberry Shakes- from THE (in his mind) world renowned Huckleberry Inn. It’s a milkshake with Huckleberries and it is doing everything correctly. Despite still not fully knowing what a huckleberry is, it is def worth a stop.

Rock climbing in glacier water- He called this place “Brightwood Beach”…. Yeah sure, a beach that is on GLACIER RUN OFF WATER. Yep, frozen. But he pulled the “get in the water” line and here we are, -2834837 degrees later. One of my favorite parts of the trip.

Portland, OR – the sight of a city was like a breath of fresh, slightly polluted, and busy air and it hit me like a wave. Portland was definitely an interesting one for the books. They love their Portland identity and I think I love it too. I’m into the weird. Coffee shops on every corner, just like they say.

Portland, OR Location: VooDoo Doughnuts – The place where the motto is “The Magic is in the Hole” –yep I’m gonna like it here– and where the the glitter brick walls reeks of sweet fried bliss, Daddy I’m home. The Blueberry Cake Donut (I’m a classic girl) with a boxed cold brew was our last and best meal together before I shipped myself back to Columbus. He told me to get  a little pink box of some to go for my redeye home, of course I didn’t listen and of course he was right. Thought about them the whole flight home, bae wins again.

Football season is upon and vacation/summer is over. The feelings are unidentifiable as of now, but Ill keep you posted.

Talk Soon!

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  1. Was so cool to see a little bit about these Oregon staples! I was just in OR doing a road trip but I’m definitely going to have to remember this post for the next time!

    1. There is so much to see I feel like my five days weren’t enough! But definitely don’t forget the hot dog stand- pure genius! ha!

    1. You hit the nail on the head-definitely the best combination of city and nature. Really crisp summer weather too!!

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