Four Mid(ish)-Year Resolutions

4 Mid(ish)-Year Resolutions:

I had a break through this morning mid back/chest day at the gym. I needed some goals. Not January 1 goals. Not even a perfect June 1st half year set of goals. An August 1st “come to Jesus”. So now I will post the goals so that they are PUBLIC and ready to be held to.

1.Wake up earlier

Its insane how much happier and productive I feel. Usually, I’m a snooze till 7:35am to be into work at 8:00am type… AKA rush and spaz central. My plan is to get up earlier and actually ENJOY my morning- what a concept, self. This will mean a delightful cup of hot coffee and maybe even some Ezekiel Bread. Could get wild.

2. Work out in the morning

Besides being an easy transition for this post, it is now a MISSION to wake up and knock my work out, out. This is the hardest thing to wake up for and I normally only pull it off once a week but now, as the blogging world as my witness, I am committed. The endorphin high and speed racer mind after is well worth it. Plus, not having a workout hanging over my head all day is similar to the freeing feeling of the freaking first amendment. #alliteration

3. Take care of my skin

I have become obsessed with glowy beautiful skin. So now it’s time to treat mine with a little respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. The regimen I have ready to roll- Bone broth (recipe and how to COMING SOON), intense water consumption (here’s how I am doing it)–aiming for 75oz a day (or 3 refills of my large S’well), and over the top insane moisturizing. Jennifer Aniston, you are the motivation yet again.




4. Create and promote more positive energy. THIS.IS. EVERYTHING. I am going to kiss Negative Nancy straight to her death bed.She gone. Bye. See ya. I have just finished a book called The Energy Bus and it has high key changed my perspective with really simple ideas. As it turns out, we truly are in control of how great or mediocre our own lives are. I will share my full book review but for now I’ll leave you with what the book calls The Ultimate Rule of Positive Energy to help you thrive through your day, “Your positive energy and vision must be greater than anyone’s and everyone’s negativity. Your certainty must be greater than everyone’s doubt.” -The Energy Bus

Now that I have New Year’s Resolutions I think that means I get to pop champagne….. Cheers!
Talk Soon!



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