Friday Fix 1

You love Fridays, I love Fridays, everyone loves Fridays.

To throw a heap more onto Fridays, I present to you- The Friday Fix. Full of all of my favorite Friday things.

I make no promises to put up a Friday Fix every week because some week, I frankly hate everything…. TOTALLY kidding.

Everything on the Friday Fix is my very own opinion and is never anything sponsored/ paid for. I would love if you all linked up your own Friday goodness so we can all collectively spread some Friday cheer- loud for all to hear (if you don’t know the reference, I need you to skip ahead to December and watch Elf). Lets get rolling

  1. My Wedding Day

Oh my goodness. Talk about a Friday tear jerker, but happy tears because those are the only kind we have on Fridays. If you don’t follow Sean of the South, I highly recommend it, he is an amazing short story writer that starts my morning with the correct mindset. Below is a link to one of his less recent pieces that is bound to start your Friday heart on fire.

  1. I’m The One- DJ Khaled

Continuing on this weeks “love” theme… Justin Bieber. I am in love and get lots of shade for always being a Belieber- sue me mom. The video below is pure heart saturation and is just in case you have been living under a rock and aren’t one of the 185 million video views.

3. Kendra Scott Tassel Earrings
These earrings just make me in love. And they are on sale so I love even more. From everything I have seen, tassels on your ears are a trend all  summer so we are all actually quite #blessed that we have these as an option. Thanks Kendra, keep it up girl.

  1. Succulent Candles

As you get to know me, you will learn real fast that the obsession with succulents is almost disgusting. I am like the kid in middle school who would brag about liking music artists BEFORE they went streamline and got popular, well, that’s me with succulents. I have loved them with all my heart since their break out debut into the TRENDY WORLD. My living room at home is themed “succulent chic” LOL. But really, below is just the latest addition to the unhealthy obsession.

  1. Cats

I always save the best for last. And this week I present to you the best GIF of all time- it has been my everything and go to response all week. Any text I get, hit it with the cat on the leash. Spoiler alert, it gets funnier everytime you watch. I think its because I can relate to both orange and black cat. And this is why we can only truly love cats from afar (or is that just me?)


I’m headed out in a few hours for a girls trip in Fort Myers (Hallelu!!).. be on the look out for some crazy insta stories as I take on Memorial Weekend with my best friends, could get wild, could be us reading books next to a pool-always a toss up.

Today, I hope you are the Orange Cat but you know I love you just the same if you are the Black Cat. Happy Friday

Talk soon!!


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