A Place to Start for the Boy Who Has Everything

To all you beautifuls that have no idea what to get the special man in their life, I feel you. I swear that I have the hardest man to shop for- If he wants it, he already bought it. I have toiled with what to buy every  single holiday and occasion and because I am a peach I am here to share with you some of the places I start at.

1. Make Something
-I have an overly competitive boyfriend who keeps score of EVERYTHING. There are post-it notes all over his house of scores from Cornhole from two years past, but Lord knows if you were to throw away the evidence of a victory it could no longer exist……. **dramatic eye roll** To combat my competitive hoarder- I crafted a score book out of a mini binder from Target with matching mini binder dividers and paper. Threw a few stickers on it for my clever title of the book “Play to Win” and his initials BAMMMM instant homemade gift and counter de-clutter-er (yes, a word) all in one. DSC00389
2. Etsy
-This one is my favorite. There are SO many cool things on Etsy and this is an excellent opportunity to play on your man’s/brothers/whatevers personality, and also on your own. It has the creativity of a homemade gift without all the work— in. Below is what I got bae for his bday.. he is never home to actually take care of a real plant (or a girlfriend-JK, swear) so these air plants in obnoxious gold dinosaurs were a no brainer. Did I later order some for myself? It’s Possible.
3. Home Décor
-I don’t think that boys walk into the Target and mysteriously end up in the home décor section like I do….every.single.time. Home décor is something that many men don’t think they need, but again, they are wrong. I bought bae this push-pin globe to keep track of all the places we have been together. CORNY ALERT. Yep, I went there. But every adult house needs a globe and this now adds positive reinforcement for him to take us on trips…. I’m no dummy.

4. Needs
-Having someone take care of something you actually NEED, yeah, that’s a bomb gift. Even if “need” is used loosely. Said bae’s house is beautiful but had a light fixture that he hated and didn’t fit in with his kitchen (did he hate it or did I… hard to tell at this point), so for Christmas, his gift was “one free light fixture for the dining room”! I mean this is truly how you know someone is impossible to shop for if you are buying them freakin light fixtures-but whatev’s we are actually having a blast picking one of these out. Below is the style is we are looking into.

5. Amazon Interesting Finds
-Okay besides Etsy, this might be my favorite sector of the web to browse on occasion. Amazon compiles and updates a list of neat-o things that no one really NEEDS, but would be fun and hip to have. I found a fun and affordable essential oil candle for bae on this page- it was pumpkin scent, to bring him up to my level of fall basic, I mean I couldn’t possibly be in his house mid-October without it *hair flip*. This candle smelled good even with its freakin lid on. Word of caution, you will like just about everything on this page, have an exit plan.

I am interested to hear what y’all  do for the impossible shopper men in your life. Help a girl out 😉

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