No Spring Fling: Make-up Staples for Life


I have two make up staples that I don’t differentiate brands on and are always on automatic reorder when I am running low. These aren’t the only two things that I put on my face but they are the common denominator of what IS always on muuuh face.


tarte bb creamTarte BB Cream
The short version, just like any BB Cream, is that this magical tube does it all. The long version is that it is a primer, moisturizer, light foundation, anti-aging treatment, and sunscreen, BUT WAIT (there’s more) it is also tinted. Blah blah blah but why do I love it? Because its tinted and way lighter than a foundation and for any given casual day (every day) I rub it on my hands and throw it on my face and can walk out the door with a light but evened out look. Add a splash of foundation or blush if you nasty. I’ve tried others but none I love just as much, and I mean it, I love you BB Cream.



Benefit Roller Lash MascaraBenefit 2 
This is my favorite mascara I have ever used in life. The box makes a bold claim that you can say “bye bye” to your eye lash curler but I don’t totally agree, I still curl mine before using this mascara. However, my eyelashes are also straighter than a heterosexual so I need all the help I can get. I love this stuff because my eyelashes don’t get clumpy and they do get the curled long look I want. If you don’t believe me its gucci, this stuff has won lots of beauty prizes so go read them. But I am really telling the truth, this time.


Bonus Round:



Laura Mercier Setting Powder
Laura MercierIf you haven’t heard the buzz on “baking” your face then its cool, I got you. This setting powder is just like putting the snapchat pretty filter onto your make-up. I’m gonna be honest I have no idea how or why it does this but it is a staple in my going-out look routine. I apply all my “wet” make-up first (cover up, foundation, etc.), cover my face in this powder and let it “bake” on my face for five minutes, or until I am done eating a snack. Then you dust the remains off of your face with their poof brush and then apply any other powders/contour things on top. Skin comes out looking smooth and #flawless. If I were Laura Mercier, I would name this powder Thirsty Thursday because I can do my make-up for Thursday night and re-wear it all with some fresh eyeliner for work that morning—instead of the shit-faced puffy look, you are still Beyonce… don’t judge me I know that’s not ideal skin health, but my coworkers already judge me enough— balance here people.


Quick nugget: In case you haven’t heard already, Sephora is stepping up their game and now offers a Flash Membership (think Amazon Prime) where for $10 a year you get free 2-day shipping on all of your orders. Wowza. I wasn’t ready. This will inevitably end horribly. You’re welcome.

Okay that’s it,  much love to ya, Talk soon Tori

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