Keeping up with the.. Long Distance Friends

Last year  I moved away from 1. my family, including my small precious baby sister 2. my best friends/college psycho path besties 3. the first real place i had ever called home.
I was so pumped to be a big kid and explore the new world all by myself….. Little did I know that it legit meant I would be by myself, like all the time, 25/8, me myself & I to a whole new level. It wasn’t missing the predicted suspects like our annual Catalina Wine Mixer or Drake concerts that crushed me, it was more the companion-less drives to Dairy Queen at 9pm and loops around the interstate listening to the newest hood rat album that would hopefully lead to giving us blonde heads some street cred. Everything was  **insert clapping hand emoji**

So. to save your Partner in Crime, Best Friend Forever, Sister from another Mister, etc. from all that is lonely, I have compiled a list  of all the things that meant the most to me when I moved here and talked me- NEWLY GROWN INDEPENDENT WOMAN- off the ledge of spending so much time by myself.

  1. Facetime that chick
    Skype, Snapchat video, Google Hangout- whatever- you get the point. Get your unpolished and probably swollen face on the phone so that you guys can hang out like you use to, only cyberly. This seems like commonsense, it is, but a Facetime while you are painting your chipped ratchet nails is light years more exciting and loving than a call.
  2. Netflix & Chill
    Yes, you read correctly. Forgetting to keep movie nights or “your shows” sacred is like not showering and forgetting the dry shampoo, don’t get caught slipping like that. You don’t need to stare at each other down on Facetime but, on a wild Friday night when you both lack a social life and are perhaps binging on wine (hypothetically speaking of course) pick out a movie to watch “together”. Start the movie at the same time and chit chat about the whole thing like you would annoyingly do if you were together, no one actually enjoys movies without personal commentary.  You will feel like you guys are sharing time together even when you are far apart. It’s like book club, only everything different. #PreciousMoments

  3. Keep Celebrations Alive
    I know you wouldn’t be insane enough to forget something like a birthday or Christmas, but keep in mind other things that you use to do  to celebrate life’s tiny victories. For example, Venmo them $5 for their favorite shot (Irish breakfast for me, just in case anyone is sending shots) that you would normallybuy them when they crush their work presentation that made them a month long ball of anxiety.  Or. Maybe send a nice Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy)  for when they finally get asked out on their first date in the new city. The things that you would do normally but a little extra since you aren’t there to give it to them yourself. Small things go a long way.
  4. Stalk/Creep/Engage with new Friends
    The inevitable will happen: Your homegirl will meet new homegirls. Embrace the “the girl whose boyfriend ignores her”, “the boy who is just sort of creepy”, “the he/she with the perfect teeth”, as they will surely arise out of the move into a new town. Have no fear, no one is getting replaced, just added to the mix. Staying on top of the new people in your friends life will make her feel like you aren’t so far and gives you two more to talk about than all of your mutual friends who she is far away from.
  5. Go Visit for Goodness Sake
    Nothing really says “I love you” in best friend language better than “I just spent my Christmas money on this sketchy and somewhat fatal Spirit Airlines flight and took time off my minimum wage job to come see your crazy ass”. Those are your best friends, my friends. The weekends my friends came were the weekends I actually  1.showered  2.explored the city because I had a roll dog to adventure around with. You will make their weekend during the time you are there AND after you leave because now they will have new spots to go back to that y’all found together. BUY THAT SKETCHY FLIGHT.




Moving away is such an opportunity to grow individually and also realize which of your relationships are worth while. Do y’all have anything that your friends did that made your move easier? I would love to hear about them!! (Mostly so I can guilt trip my friends for being AWFUL – just kidding 😉 ) Let me know!!


Talk soon!

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