Valentine’s Day Music Video Round Up – Eff it Up

Happy Valentines Day Lovers!! I hope your day has been filled with weird eternal roses in boxes, pancakes, and maybe even a valentine!

I am sitting at work today listening to my favorite lady artists of all time and letting them each break my heart, just to build me back up— because its fun?!

It would be rude of me to not let you join in on the fun. Here’s the playlist (& some pretty classic old music videos) playing all day to take Valentines Day from bad to worse, YOURE WELCOME. Totally kidding. Hope these provide the blueprint on how to be a bad ass today and every day. Amy and I are about to start making it into a drinking game (with our coffee, relax reading co-workers)–the game being, just keep drinking. Enjoy my pretties

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Whole 30 Week 1 Recap – Sensory System Specifics: Sights, Sounds, & Salivation

Week one in the books for me and I wasn’t sure exactly how to feel about it. Some generalizations before I dive in more in depth: I still dont have a six pack, I cook for hours on end, I wake up BEFORE my alarm every.single.morning (is this how the better half lives??), and I really only cried a few times (something to be proud of around here!). I had no idea I would fall in love with my kitchen all over again, and had no idea how much bad shit there was in food I ate everyday. If anything, it only took a week for what feels like an entirely knew awareness on nutrition education.

I showed you all on Friday what my MVP recipe for the week was and its on the grocery list for this week too because its so damn easy and tastes amazing–if its not broke,, don’t fix it! You can now find my week one grocery list in my first post here for those of you joining us (most excitedly of mention– my mom!!) I spent close to $200 on my first grocery shopping trip because I needed so many NEW essentials that I hadn’t owned before, but I am of full confidence that this next weeks trip to the grocery store will be a little lighter on the pocket book now that the essentials (like oils, salad dressings, mayo, ghee, etc.) have been put in place. I pictured some of my favorites, but for my ABSOLUTE favorite recipe of this past week will be up Saturday for this weeks MVP. Now, lets dive on in.

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Whole30 Lemon Garlic Salmon Recipe – Week 1 MVP

This little number here, let me tell you, has been the ray of sunshine in my day. I go to bed thinking about how I cant wait for lunch the next day. I used this recipe to  meal prep enough salmon for three days of work (6 total pieces, one for me and one for Weston of course). This masterpiece was created to the fine tunes of Shawn Mendes — yes I am ashamed to admit I am quite literally obsessed with him, please don’t tell my rapper boyfriends— and an array of country love songs because I have been soft as hell lately. Bright side, Travis Scott and Kendrick were on dispersed throughout intermittently so that I didn’t entirely lose myself.

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The Whole30 Challenge- The Calm Before the Storm

Oh LA LA LA, another fad diet.

Nope. This is the ultimate reset- without any starvation juices, cabbage soups, or any other nonsense that  I would quit in 12 hours.

Why am I doing the Whole30? Well, because everyone is of course. I saw one of my favorite bloggers Olivia Rink start her Whole30 Challenge after I had been contemplating the idea for a bit myself, and thought, hmm this has to be my sign that its time for the reset I have been putting off.

The real reasons I am going in for 30 days of sobriety, no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no added sugar (have I lost you yet?), no carrageenans/MSGS/sulfites, and no baked goods?? (rest of the rules here)

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The Grammys: 2017 Christmas Awards

The amount to which I care about award shows is an all time zero.. minus the drinking games, I can get down with those BUT, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to piggy back off the season and make my own Grammys. The Grammys for the best presents I received in 2017 and that have safely kept themselves out of the re-gifting suite of 2018. Drum Roll Please.

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5 Unkept Places of 2017 to Purge for 2018

No, I am not done talking about the New Year–may be my last post about it, it may not. #commitmentissues

Nothing says fresh like a nice casual purge. I made a list of the four places I needed to purge out for 2018 to feel as fresh as I wanted it to. I am again, like my last post, going to embarrass myself. I told you what a loser I was last post, and now I am going to show you the very worst and most unkept places of my personal 2017. This is truly exposure. LOL. Allow me to be the terrible motivation you need.

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2018 New Year Resolutions

I have been reading everyone’s 2018 resolutions and I felt so inspired–shortly after felt straight up discouraged.. I damn near had a panic attack that I didn’t have my resolutions made up weeks ago. My goals and resolutions listed below are NOT meant to discourage, and I have them written out in hopes to inspire you and let you know you are not alone in things you may go through. My trip to Colorado couldn’t have come at a better time where there was time to sit, think, sit some more. If I were a trendy intellectual girl I think this would be other peoples definition of “Reflection” or “Self Evaluation”, so we will call it that. Truth being. I don’t have easy resolutions that are easy to list or point blank. I really wanted a witty bantered list of things that sounded nice to fix, but to my demise of course all of my resolutions are a fluidly connected thought about where I think I personally fell short in 2017. Nothing broken, but ready for some heavy improvement and I am honest to God scared of all the work ahead in 2018. So I have deiced to share a few things I am facing that you may relate to and some broad and practical ways I am going to combat and improve 2018 for each.

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New Year, New You, New Smile — Smile Brilliant Home Teeth Whitening System & GIVEAWAY

Happy New Years! Another year is out, along with ideas on what we want to change and what we want to stay the same. I have a deeper goals for this year on self-improvement, and I also have three surface level ones- just being honest. Lets start with surface level because you dont need all my emotion today on the 1st. I have started a Lash boost for my eyelashes, a new gym for the ole bold, and YOU GUESSED IT- whiter teeth.  So far the easiest, yup, is the teeth whitening from the comfort of my pajamas with Smile Brilliant. So here I go, on the pursuit of shedding some winter weight, growing some flashy eyelashes, and brightening my smile—watch out 2018, coming for you as a stone cold FOX and smile fearlessly!
***Giveaway is at the bottom of the post DO NOT FORGET**

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Complete Gift Guide #2 : JORD Wooden Watch

It is December so it is time for another COMPLETE gift idea (complete with a 25% off discount code). This week, Watches! For your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, baby daddy, uncle, WHATEVER you have- alike. Now, lets address the wives’ tales that comes with watches right off the bat for kicks and gigs. I have heard two. The first, which we are going to choose to ignore, is that if you buy your significant other a watch, prepare to WATCH them walk away.. IGNORE. or I guess, you could buy it for someone you want to break up with after the holidays??? I DONT KNOW and I am going to leave it at that.  The second wives tale being that it is the last gift you get for someone before you get engaged… PLOT TWIST, talk about a turn of events here. So. you pick the one you want to believe. Or follow my own personal tale that giving a watch is a nice way to treat someone to luxury because you want to be the cool friend. Again, your choice.

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