Friday Fix 1

You love Fridays, I love Fridays, everyone loves Fridays.

To throw a heap more onto Fridays, I present to you- The Friday Fix. Full of all of my favorite Friday things.

I make no promises to put up a Friday Fix every week because some week, I frankly hate everything…. TOTALLY kidding.

Everything on the Friday Fix is my very own opinion and is never anything sponsored/ paid for. I would love if you all linked up your own Friday goodness so we can all collectively spread some Friday cheer- loud for all to hear (if you don’t know the reference, I need you to skip ahead to December and watch Elf). Lets get rolling


  1. My Wedding Day

Oh my goodness. Talk about a Friday tear jerker, but happy tears because those are the only kind we have on Fridays. If you don’t follow Sean of the South, I highly recommend it, he is an amazing short story writer that starts my morning with the correct mindset. Below is a link to one of his less recent pieces that is bound to start your Friday heart on fire.

  1. I’m The One- DJ Khaled

Continuing on this weeks “love” theme… Justin Bieber. I am in love and get lots of shade for always beign a Belieber- sue me mom. The video below is pure heart saturation and is just in case you have been living under a rock and arent one of the 185 million video views.

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A Place to Start for the Boy Who Has Everything

To all you beautifuls that have no idea what to get the special man in their life, I feel you. I swear that I have the hardest man to shop for- If he wants it, he already bought it. I have toiled with what to buy every  single holiday and occasion and because I am a peach I am here to share with you some of the places I start at.

1. Make Something
-I have an overly competitive boyfriend who keeps score of EVERYTHING. There are post-it notes all over his house of scores from Cornhole from two years past, but Lord knows if you were to throw away the evidence of a victory it could no longer exist……. **dramatic eye roll** To combat my competitive hoarder- I crafted a score book out of a mini binder from Target with matching mini binder dividers and paper. Threw a few stickers on it for my clever title of the book “Play to Win” and his initials BAMMMM instant homemade gift and counter de-clutter-er (yes, a word) all in one. DSC00389
2. Etsy
-This one is my favorite. There are SO many cool things on Etsy and this is an excellent opportunity to play on your man’s/brothers/whatevers personality, and also on your own. It has the creativity of a homemade gift without all the work— in. Below is what I got bae for his bday.. he is never home to actually take care of a real plant (or a girlfriend-JK, swear) so these air plants in obnoxious gold dinosaurs were a no brainer. Did I later order some for myself? It’s Possible. Dinosaurs

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No Spring Fling: Make-up Staples for Life


I have two make up staples that I don’t differentiate brands on and are always on automatic reorder when I am running low. These aren’t the only two things that I put on my face but they are the common denominator of what IS always on muuuh face.


tarte bb creamTarte BB Cream
The short version, just like any BB Cream, is that this magical tube does it all. The long version is that it is a primer, moisturizer, light foundation, anti-aging treatment, and sunscreen, BUT WAIT (there’s more) it is also tinted. Blah blah blah but why do I love it? Because its tinted and way lighter than a foundation and for any given casual day (every day) I rub it on my hands and throw it on my face and can walk out the door with a light but evened out look. Add a splash of foundation or blush if you nasty. I’ve tried others but none I love just as much, and I mean it, I love you BB Cream.

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Keeping up with the.. Long Distance Friends

Last year  I moved away from 1. my family, including my small precious baby sister 2. my best friends/college psycho path besties 3. the first real place i had ever called home.
I was so pumped to be a big kid and explore the new world all by myself….. Little did I know that it legit meant I would be by myself, like all the time, 25/8, me myself & I to a whole new level. It wasn’t missing the predicted suspects like our annual Catalina Wine Mixer or Drake concerts that crushed me, it was more the companion-less drives to Dairy Queen at 9pm and loops around the interstate listening to the newest hood rat album that would hopefully lead to giving us blonde heads some street cred. Everything was  **insert clapping hand emoji**

So. to save your Partner in Crime, Best Friend Forever, Sister from another Mister, etc. from all that is lonely, I have compiled a list  of all the things that meant the most to me when I moved here and talked me- NEWLY GROWN INDEPENDENT WOMAN- off the ledge of spending so much time by myself.

  1. Facetime that chick
    Skype, Snapchat video, Google Hangout- whatever- you get the point. Get your unpolished and probably swollen face on the phone so that you guys can hang out like you use to, only cyberly. This seems like commonsense, it is, but a Facetime while you are painting your chipped ratchet nails is light years more exciting and loving than a call.
  2. Netflix & Chill
    Yes, you read correctly. Forgetting to keep movie nights or “your shows” sacred is like not showering and forgetting the dry shampoo, don’t get caught slipping like that. You don’t need to stare at each other down on Facetime but, on a wild Friday night when you both lack a social life and are perhaps binging on wine (hypothetically speaking of course) pick out a movie to watch “together”. Start the movie at the same time and chit chat about the whole thing like you would annoyingly do if you were together, no one actually enjoys movies without personal commentary.  You will feel like you guys are sharing time together even when you are far apart. It’s like book club, only everything different. #PreciousMoments
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About Me

like it love it gotta have itHey fam!
My name is Tori and I am so excited that you have some way or another found your way to my page- I think you will like it here, but I did write it so I may be a bit bias. I am a full-time College Football Fan and employee (how lucky am I?) and a part time everything else that I can get my hands on. I love a good trip to just about anywhere and lets be honest, I travel mostly for the food that I will find when I get there. That being said, Pursuing Posh exists as a creative outlet for my restless mind/soul and as a little entertainment for y’all. Keep in mind that we are on the pursuit together, meaning I am definitely not there yet—its a process here people. I am a Jack of many trades but not quite a master to any yet, so I am excited to learn more about….uh, mostly just “life”…. with you and force you to go on all of  my adventures with me- “Adventures” ranging from a blow-out visit to an impromptu trip to Norway. Eeek

There is an unwritten (and now actually very written) warning for dry and somewhat crude humor around here, proceed with caution, it’s never too late to give me the stiff unfollow/casual block. Just kidding, its not that bad, my Grandma will be reading everything I’m sure and she is a STRICT critic, however: all of my content will be straight out of my own unfiltered mouth. Okay lets do this thing–Talk soon!

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